Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I'm Getting Married!

I know, I didn't see it coming either.

You have no idea how badly I wish I were still teaching last year's class because it would be so awesome to rub this in their faces. Take that Liva, I guess I won't be single forever.

And want to know the truly best part about marrying Stephen? Well, I actually expressed those vindictive thoughts to him out loud in conversation, and he still thinks I'm worth marrying. True love right there.

I was pretty excited to tell my students the good news, but I knew there was no way they were going to care unless there was something in it for them. That's ok, bribery and I are good friends. We started our morning off with playing a game of hangman instead of our regular phonics lesson. The secret message spelled out, "I am getting married!" and they figured it out pretty quickly. When they had filled out all the letters, Haley yelled out, "Teacher is this for real?!"

I answered, "Yep! And since I got a new ring, I figured it was only fair if you all get one, too." and held up a bag of Ring Pops. The crowd went WILD.

As they sucked on their candy jewels they chatted happily and asked me about a bazillion questions.

"What's your new last name?"
"When are you going to get married?"
"What does your dress look like?"
"Who ARE you going to marry?"

*Important side story: The Friday before, my class had earned enough points for a class party, which is a pretty big deal. I was wracking my brain for a worthy prize because they had worked hard to earn those points and they deserved something pretty big. I wanted to throw a pizza party, but delivery pizza was too expensive (teacher- remember?) and I didn't have time to run out and pick some up during lunch. That's where my amazing then-boyfriend-now-fiance Stephen came in and saved the day. He not only picked up pizza for the entire class, but he brought chips as well (just in case) and stayed and helped me out with the party. True love.
When my kids came in for the party, they noticed Stephen sitting at the table.
"Teacher, who's that?"
"That's Stephen. He's the one who brought you guys all this pizza!"
"But why did he come?"
"Because he wanted to bring you guys pizza."
They looked skeptical, but once they had a slice to keep their mouths quiet the party was great. Well, it was mostly great until one of my boys looked up from his piece of pizza, chips, and juice box and said, "So teacher, when are we getting our prize?"

Kids these days. Amiright?*


They ask me, "Teacher, who are you marrying?" and Luke yells out,

"I know! It's the pizza guy isn't it?!"

I replied, "Yep! He delivered that pizza so well I just had to marry him!" But then I laughed because teacher jokes. 
Our conversation went on and they were all very excited until I told them that I wouldn't be back at school next year. I explained that Stephen had a job in Arizona after graduation and so I was going to move there with him and teach kids there. My class freaked out. They were so disappointed which was hilarious because 1) they already know I wouldn't be their teacher again next year anyways and 2) they're really not that nice to me. 

That day we were starting our opinion writing unit. I hadn't thought of a prompt in advance (I was a little distracted over the weekend ok?) so I had to come up with something on the spot. This is the prompt we ended up writing to: 

Do you think Miss Earl should get married? Why or why not? 

"Miss Earl should Not! Get married. First she should not get married because, never thought I would day this but I'm actually crying for you to stay. I'm actually crying. I will do anything. Next, at least move around here. Last you are the best I like you so much."

"I am going to tell you whether Miss Earl should get married. First, she wants to get married. Next, he is nice. Then, he seems strong. Last, she won't be poor. That's why she would get married." 

"I do not think Miss Earl should get married. First, he is too nice. Next, he probably eats too much snacks. Then, I do not think he is handsome. Last, I think he likes pizza too much. Now you know what I think."

"I do not think she should get married. First, I don't want to watch. Next, she will get poor. Then, he is a pizza boy. Last, he was raised by cows. That's why she should not get married." 

"I think Miss Earl should get married. First, she wants to get married. Secondly, the man is handsome. Third, he will love Miss Earl. Finally, he will be a nice husband. Now you know why Miss Earl should get married."

Through their writing it was clear to see that my students were very concerned with my choice to marry a pizza man. One of my girls suggested that I get some pizza, keep the ring, and run.
When we were done with our writing assignment I had to make it clear that I had already decided to marry Stephen, so it was a done deal. Damon yelled out, "Then what did we even do this for?!"

The Friday of the same week we did some math practice on the white boards. They were doing a great job so I gave them the last five minutes to doodle. These are the pieces that were brought to my desk for my inspection.

"I love you"          "Me too"

The same student came back a minute later with this gem.

"I hate you!"        "Dang it" 

"Pizza's here!"
This student prefaced his drawing by saying, "This is why you shouldn't move to Arizona."

This is Stephen "I hate Ms. Earl" 

Will you married me?     Yes.

This student brought me this and said, "I know what you really want..."

1,000 cats. He gets me. 

Regardless of what my students may think about it, spending eternity with this hunk is gonna be dope.

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  1. Genius writing prompt, except for the whole 'wasting their precious time' part. Come on Miss Earl, those kids got thangs to do!