Friday, November 4, 2016

Home Projects

My mom came right away to help when Rory was born. Seriously, we were expecting to have to be induced that weekend, which was when my mom was scheduled to arrive, and so when Rory came the day before her due date my mom drove to Seattle, hopped on a plane, and was in my hospital room by 10:00 that night. I love that woman.

Rory was seriously a dream baby from the very start. Since she never really fussed and we were getting plenty of sleep, my mom found herself with nothing to do as far as helping me out. She had cleaned the house and done enough grocery shopping for a month all by day 2, so instead of sitting around and twiddling her thumbs she went out shopping! There are very few people in this world with shopping abilities comparable to that of my mother- she is in a league of her own. And now that she's old enough to qualify for senior discounts on Tuesdays (but still young and spry enough to fight off any old biddy that may get in her way) well forgot about it. The woman is unstoppable. 

She and I went out shopping Tuesday morning while Stephen stayed home with Rory (she was officially one week old!) I came back to feed Rory and decided to stay home and rest while my mom went out in search of some things we hadn't found that morning. That was at 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I kept expecting her to come home any minute, but the hours just kept marching on. Finally at 9:30 or so I get a text saying she's alive and well, she's going to get some food, and then head home. Oh, and also Stephen needs to find a truck. Finally at 10:30 she comes crashing through the door hands full of bags telling us about all the amazing deals she scored that day. We follow her out to the garage to find my Malibu stuffed to the BRIM with more bags. I hope I never forget that image- it was astonishing and hilarious. 

It turns out my mom had stopped in a Goodwill to see if they had any pieces that would be useful in our new home only to find out that she qualified for the Tuesday senior discount (which gave her like 15-20% off I can't remember which) and it turns out they DID have pieces that we could use in our house. And it just so happens that there are about six different Goodwill locations all within a 20 minute radius of my house. Throw in the Ross stores and her discount there as well and you can see what kept her so busy. The deals she found were pretty insane. Thus began our home DIY projects. 

We used Annie Sloan Chalk paint like it was going out of style. My mom did all the research and became our project manager. We turned on some Fixer Upper on the TV and painted until we couldn't paint any more. I should have remembered to take official before pictures, but instead I got mostly in the process pictures. Just know that all of these pieces went through some impressive changes. 

This toy box started out light blue and green with monkeys and palm trees on it. 
I can't get over how cute it turned out!
Our work space
Stephen earned the Husband of the Year Award with all the work he did on these pieces. I didn't even know I had married a handyman- best surprise ever. 

Dresser turned TV stand in progress 

Dresser/ Changing Table for the nursery
Taking a break to see how the Fixer Upper turned out. There were also Trader Joe Ice Cream Sandwich breaks involved. 
LOTS of Fixer Upper. Almost done with TV stand. 
Cute Hobby Lobby handles to finish the look!
Rory's dresser/ changing table. 

Dining chairs ready to be made over.  

Table in progress. 

 We got as many of the projects done as we could while my mom was in town, but unfortunately she couldn't stay forever and the dining room set was left unfinished. Stephen went back to work that next week and I had a baby to take care of, so all the projects were put on hold. A month or so later Stephen's parents came to visit and Lucina took on the dining room table and chairs. We got the table finished, all the chairs painted, stained, waxed, AND reupholstered all within a matter of days. It was incredible.

The moral of this story is I have the best mom and the best mother-in-law in the entire universe and now, thanks to them, my house has cute functional furniture!

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