Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chapter 1: An Unexpected Party

So, sometime last winter semester I was sitting alone in my apartment feeling real philosophical, and I started to think about the meaning of life. More specifically, I started thinking about the meaning of my life. I know… deep stuff. (Being home alone on a Friday night often causes these deep, soul-searching experiences BTdubs.) I had just finished eating a frozen burrito and watching an ABC family movie (it isn’t important which one because they are all equally awful and addictive) and I thought to myself, Kylie, that burrito was delicious. And then I thought to myself, Kylie, I think it’s time to do something with your life. Now for the record, I was currently doing “something” with my life; going to BYU, majoring in Elementary Education like every other girl there, and doing quite well in my PE and Art classes, thank you very much. But it occurred to me that it was time to do something more. It was time to do something BLOG WORTHY. 

mmm... burrito...

Now, I am a big fan of blogs. I blogstalk people like nobody’s business. Family, friends, friends of family, family of friends, acquaintances, classmates, strangers, girls I don’t even like; nobody is safe from my creeper gaze. But I am also a firm believer that to have a blog, you need to have a life that is blog worthy. For many girls, they choose to start a blog when they move away to college as a way to “keep in touch” with their families and friends. Sorry for those I am about to offend, but for the most part nobody reads those blogs besides their moms because they are BO-RING. Oh you tried a new recipe and nailed it? You took pictures with your freshman roommates? You’ve been pinteresting your apartment lately to prove your domesticity? Been there, done that and nobody cares. Well, except for your mother. My mother has seven children and zero free time, so I wouldn’t have even been able to count on her to read my boring college blog, anyways. (*Exception to the boring college blogs: girls that are willing to write in great detail about truly awkward/ hilarious experiences they have whilst trying to find their future soul mate. That stuff is gold and you are my heroes for sharing those deeply personal and humiliating experiences with the World Wide Web. I thank you and your country thanks you, too.)

Some girls hold out starting blogs until they are married, because once you have a husband suddenly your life is way more interesting. I do not dispute this fact. I just don’t have a husband. (Though my grandma assures me I am indeed a catch. Just FYI.) 

Mission blogs count I suppose…. but yeah that just wasn’t in my cards. 

So what do you do when you want to start a blog and have no husbandly prospects/mission call/overly attached mother, you ask? You go somewhere awesome and use your blog to write all about your adventures and rub it in peoples’ faces. 

That’s right folks, I’M GOING TO NEW ZEALAND!


eat it.

The BYU Elementary Education program has this awesome study abroad experience in New Zealand that will last all of winter semester. I will be taking all of the classes that I would be in Provo (hooray for staying on track for graduation), student teaching in a school in Auckland, and in my spare time just living among the hobbits and having a gay old time! There are 9 of us girls going, 10 including our director. Basically it is going to be one big party all day, e’ry day. Only catch: we are forbidden from dating the locals, which I think is pretty rough considering they’re sending us to the land of irresistible accents. (One of my friends kindly pointed out that kissing is not in fact dating J. Which is a complete joke if Erika, our director, happens to see this, I swear! I won’t risk getting my birthday taken away haha.)

So there it is. My life is officially blog worthy (booyah) and I am off on one fabulous adventure. Blog stalkers everywhere feel free to be jealous and live vicariously through me; I welcome you.


  1. I will take that welcome personally, and I will be stalking your blog. Thank you Kylie.

  2. Wait your blog will not contain any awkward dating or make out stories? Why will I want to read this then? Wait...does making out with a Hobbit count as breaking the rules? cause if not, I would totally want to read about that.

  3. My already awesome life just got awesomer.

  4. Ummm I just have to say I will miss you sooo much! Have a blast and I will stalk... When I have the memory to ;)

  5. Hilarious! I am so excited for this. (and jealous)

  6. Trevor says he won't miss you and also hopes you get eaten by a baby kangaroo.