Wednesday, November 6, 2013

He's my favorite

I was on my knees at a student's desk working with them on a math problem, when Claudio snuck up behind me for a backwards hug. I gave him my standard three seconds and then said, "Ok Claudio, get back to your math."
"I'm done with it," he whispered in my ear as he laid his head on my shoulder.
Yeah, a little too cozy for a student/teacher interaction.
I said more forcefully, "Claudio, we're done with hugging. Get back to your seat."
He squeezed me tighter and said, "Just ten more minutes."

Later that same day, I was working at my desk when I noticed him wandering around the room.
Me: "Claudio, get back to work."
Claudio: "Not until you give me a two minute hug. You never give me a two minute hug!"

We take three bathroom breaks during the day (yes, three. Oh the joys of second grade.) and I am constantly having to go over appropriate bathroom behavior. "You have to flush and wash your hands every time." "No talking in the bathrooms." "No making soap bubbles." "No talking in the hallways."  "No locking the doors and crawling under them to trick people." "No talking!"
We had just got done with one of our bathroom behavior lectures and I decided to let them put it into practice by taking our bathroom break right then.
My class was awesome. As soon as they were done using the restroom, they could come and line up, standing perfectly still. They looked like two rows of tiny soldiers. They were silent! It was insane. It was wonderful. It was glorious.
Just then, the principal pops out of her office. Hallelujah!, I think to myself. She is going to be so impressed with my management.

And then I hear singing coming from the boys' bathroom.

Loud singing.

And here comes Claudio.

Hair FULL of bubbly soap.

Skipping out of the bathroom.

He runs up and stops right in front of the principal.

He looks up at her.

And then he sings, "loobedee, loobedee, looooo" as he wiggles around dancing like a lunatic looking her straight in the eyes.

Impression made. 

Claudio: "Miss Earl, Cristian A. is not giving me anything."
Me: "Well, what is he supposed to be giving you?"
Claudio: "I don't even know what it is! But he gave it to Cristian M. and Braxton and he won't even give it to me and that is really rude. But you know what Miss Earl? Santa Claus is coming and he is watching and so Cristian A. is going to get nothing for Christmas!
Did you hear me Cristian A.? Santa isn't going to bring you anything and he's bringing me Plants vs. Zombies and Mario!"

At the end of the day I always do a desk check where the kids have 30 seconds to get their desks in the straightest line possible. For the last ten seconds, I countdown from 10 and close my eyes. The rule is that when I open my eyes on 0, all students have to have their pockets in their seat and mouths shut. If they don't have both those things, their row automatically loses.

While doing our desk check today, I started counting down from ten, but I forgot to close my eyes.

Claudio ran up to me shouting, "Close your eyes! Close your eyes!"

As I started to close them I saw Claudio run and jump on top of the row of desks and surf down the row on his stomach.

And he still made it to his seat by 0.


  1. Claudio is my favorite too. I love your stories.

  2. I pray you have a Claudio in every class you teach, solely for my entertainment as I read your blog!

  3. Reason number #19 why I could never be an elementary school teacher... the hugging. The thought of a two minute hug gives me visible shudders.

  4. I seriously want to meet this kid.

  5. I love these stories! If only we had a picture of Claudio and the principal!! Thank you for the quality entertainment that your blog provides! Keep em coming...

  6. Hilarious. Love the moment with the principal in the hallway.

  7. Oh my heck this is so funny! I ditto Katie's statement. I can just picture the look on your face as she saw Claudio. Priceless :)