Saturday, March 4, 2017

Life With Rory (3-4 Months)

Rory loooves watching BYU games with dad. I love being a mom and getting to decide how my baby feels about things. But seriously, look at that concentration. Our team has not been great this year.  

Nothing cuter than a napping baby. Pictures will never do it justice. 

Lay her on her back....

And she finds her way to her tummy!!! So proud of this rolling baby I had to send physical proof to Stephen at work who then showed all his coworkers because we're those parents!

Lay her on her tummy and she will immediately give up and find something to suck on. 

The shirt says it all.

One of her last nights sleeping right next to my bed in her Rock n Play. Now she's right next to my bed in a Pack n Play, but everyone knows that's just not the same.  
2/1/17 Her first nap in her crib! 

More BYU sports with dad

She was a little embarrassed that I caught her drooling

Rory cuddles in bed with me in the mornings and sometimes it puts her right back to sleep

One time Rory took a 4 hour morning nap and I was able to make HOMEMADE CINNAMON ROLLS and for the first time in my life they actually turned out and I was on top of the world and look at how proud my baby is of me. 

Enjoying no longer being squished in her Rock n Play

Rory is a burrower (like Stephen) and she loves to sleep with a blanket over her head. It is both terrifying and adorable. 

Stephen's parents got us a grill for Christmas! Now when Stephen has a little free time on the weekends he grills dinner for us and then we roast s'mores on the coals afterwards. In other words, this is the greatest Christmas present in the world. 

Stephen was home on a nice warm Saturday so we went on a walk to the park!

Every time I feed Rory she grabs the necklace Stephen gave me the day we got married and my sentimental heart just wants to remember that forever and ever and ever. 

We seriously dig Rory's free baby swim class and she finally actually kind of enjoyed it this time! The water was a little bit warmer and Rory even smiled at the teacher. It was a big day. 
Cozy little bear after swim class

2/8/17 Rory had her 4 month check up and second round of immunizations. Seriously handled it like a champ. She's 14 pounds and 25 inches and on the smaller side for her age. 

Rory loves to look at you when you talk and stretch her neck around like this so that she can always be looking at your face. Also I've been trying to learn to sew and I made the cat blanket she is laying on. I know, so impressive. 

My husband and baby barely putting up with how obsessed I am with them. They are twinners and this picture makes me laugh every time I look at it. 

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