Saturday, September 30, 2017

Life in September

Rory started figuring out how to open containers. She managed to get the puffs out of the diaper bag, take off the lid, dump them all over the floor, and then proceeded to help herself to a snack. My favorite part of this little misadventure was that she would get sidetracked playing with her toys, at some point see the puffs she had dumped on the ground, and be delighted and surprised all over again that they were so accessible! 

At the beginning of September, my mom asked if I would come to Moses Lake to do a little teacher training at the studio. Stephen happened to have taken that week off of work and so the three of us went to Moses Lake for a short week getaway. Stephen got to go golfing with my dad and Rory and I got our Grammy fix. Q and Angie came from Tri-cities to hang out with us for a day, too! There were scones and swimming at Grandma's, dinner at Michael's, and lots of cousin play time since my mom was watching Declan for the week. Declan and Rory were not the best of friends, there was a little pushing and plenty of tears, but after some time they got to the point where they could mostly ignore each other- yay progress! The picture at Michael's is not the most flattering of Mom and Stephen, but that is Rory wielding a steak knife while her mom takes a picture- parenting at its finest!

 After getting back from Moses Lake we got back to life as usual. These elders- Elder Wessman and Elder Napier- served in our first ward in Mesa and also lived in our apartment complex. They came over for a lot of dinners and even gave me a sewing machine they found in their apartment when they were cleaning it out. We got to meet up for a dinner with them a few weeks before Elder Wessman went home. They are sweet boys and it has been amazing to watch them mature and grow in the gospel.

Now back to my little fuzzhead baby. She is just so darn cute and fun. The more mobile she gets the busier she is. These are some of my favorite things she's been doing lately. 
-Whenever I cook dinner or am cleaning in the kitchen she opens up these cupboards and pulls everything out. She can keep herself busy with this stack of bowls for almost an hour! I think it's only a little bit dangerous. 
-I usually try to work out while Rory is napping, but lately I've been doing it in the mornings before her first nap when we are just hanging out. If I am doing anything on the ground she loves to climb all over me and find a way to sit on me. It cracks me up because she only wants to be in my arms or on me if I'm trying to do something that is not completely centered around her. If anyone else were around to document I would have some pretty impressive pictures of myself doing push ups with her on my back. 
- One time while I was getting ready it occurred to me that my makeup might be an excellent distraction for Rory. She was fascinated by the brushes and happily played with the ones I never use while I took as long as I wanted to get ready. It was bliss and I felt like I had struck gold. Every day that week I would sit her down next to me and my make up bag so she could play and I could get ready. About midway through the week she started picking up my makeup compacts and just holding them in her hands. Adorable, I thought. Well after one week she managed to figure out how to open up just about everything in my make up bag. There were tiny scratches in all my eye shadows, 

Rory is my little bestie. I took her to the park to feed the ducks one day this month. She loved looking at the ducks and all of them paying attention to her, but she did not understand the concept of sharing her food with them. So while I threw the ducks some bread she happily watched and enjoyed a snack of her own. 

Rory is a super fun and super curious age right now. I recently discovered her love for the public library. They host week activities for all age groups. So far Rory doesn't love baby story time as much as she loves following older kids around at the play center. Her eyes would light up as she crawled over to some little stranger boy, she would smile real big as she sat down next to him and then she would excitedly jabber away at him in her make believe language while he tried to ignore her. She's just my favorite. 

My friend recently gave us a bunch of toys that her daughter had outgrown. It helps us feel like better parents now because mostly we were just letting her play with golf balls.

One of my favorite Rory quirks is the way that she cannot sit in a shopping cart normally. First she cries and cries until I unbuckle her so that she can turn around and face her public. Her new thing is to stand up, which is terrifying and I always make sure that it doesn't last long, but it is also hilarious and adorable.

Curtis has a good friend who is working with the Imagine Dragons on their tour right now and he was able to get us all free tickets to see their Evolve tour. We left Rory with our friends the Collins and met Brad and Jules in Phoenix for the show. Our tickets ended up being on the ground, super close to the stage. We caught the second opener, Grouplove, and while we did not enjoy their music (at all) we did enjoy making fun of them. Luckily it did not take long for the Imagine Dragons to take the stage and they were INCREDIBLE! It was an amazing show and Stephen and I sang and danced through the whole thing. Their show in Phoenix was the very first of the whole tour, which was awesome because we ended up being the only audience that got the full effect of these screens. They moved all over the stage and changed position and color with every single song. I guess they broke really quickly so they weren't able to use them the same way the rest of the tour, but they were awesome. They also had smoke filled bubbles at one point. Like I said, the show was incredible. Side note: I woke up that morning with pink eye. Of course. Nothing says rock show like glasses, no make up, and an oozing eye!

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