Wednesday, February 6, 2013

School is for Fools. Look at me!

This is a picture of my official last day of school. What did we do at school all day long you ask? Well, it went a little something like this...

We started by defying gravity. We fit all nine of us on this table without any balloons popping. Pretty impressive, eh?

Andrea expertly balanced ping pong balls and marbles.

And then found herself a cute new accessory while Sara pondered the meaning of life.

We then experimented with love potions, aka baby powder, detergent, water and food coloring. They didn't work. But they also weren't really love potions so who can blame them?

We dropped water on coins and competed to see who could fit the most. Way more fun than anticipated. Try it.

I got 41 drops of water on my penny. Biggest life accomplishment thus far. Dare you to beat it.

We put M&Ms in water to see what they would do. SPOILER ALERT: everything dissolves but the chocolate.

Brooke making close observations and/or sleeping

We then moved on to drowning ginger nut biscuits. The dark stuff on the bottom is the dye and sugars. This experiment worked like the movie Supersize e should have and I haven't been able to look at a ginger nut since.

We got to race cars down a ramp! I don't actually remember the point of this lesson... But it resulted in this sweet little short we like to call "Crash Landing".

A plethora of color coordinated fruit

Get yourself some milk, food coloring, and detergent, and you've got yourself one ca-razy Friday night!

Harry vs. Voldemort

who says science is boring?

Not us. obvi.
We made these wicked as noise makers and then perfected the art of noise making. Our lungs got quite the workout that day. 

If we're being real though, it was Rachel that truly perfected it.

Social Studies: We watched Pocahontas to learn about Respect for Diversity. Note to self: calling people savages = not cool.

We also used M&M's to map out populations around the world. And then we ate every single citizen. Muahahaha.

We made salt. Yeah, that's right. Made it. Eat that. With salt.

This is our puppet Ricky. I lovingly referred to him as Franklin the entire time.
We spent on class period learning to teach Science with the use of hand puppets. It was... creepy, to say the least.

"It ain't easy being brown!" - Franklin
Though my puppeteering skills were described as, "glorious" (no exaggeration), I think I will leave the puppets to the creepers and pedophiles out there.

We also built this bad as rocket, mate. Flash, eh?
And yet it somehow turned out to be so disappointing.

*Note: the outfit that appears in that video is the result of an awful awful sunburn, an alarm missed, and having to walk an hour to and from school. I  am aware that it is horrendous. 

And that's what I learned at school. Any questions?


  1. hey! you know sara heaton?! i went to high school with her. small world.

    1. No way! Sara is hilarious, man that is so funny. Small world indeed haha