Sunday, February 24, 2013

That's Classy

You may have noticed I have been MIA for the last couple of weeks. Come on, don't deny it, you noticed. I was on a two week road trip through the South Island. It was awesome. And there will be some awesome blog posts as a result. But seeing as I don't have any pictures from said road trip as of yet (because I am a moocher and rely on everyone else to document my life) I will not be blogging about said road trip. Yet. But I know that my public have missed me and so this is for YOU!

As you all know, I came to New Zealand strictly so that I would be able to start a blog. However, it did occur to me that while I was out living a blog-worthy life I may just in fact learn more about different cultures and become a better more well-rounded individual. And it happened folks, I am now officially a cultured, classy broad.

Much like my good friend Jim here.

How did I come across my new-found cultureness? Well, the week before we left for South Island was dubbed "Auckland Week". It was a whole week (really two days) dedicated to learning more about the city and it's history. On Monday we hit up the Auckland Art Gallery (art = classy) and on Tuesday we went to the Auckland War Museum (museum and art gallery = double classy). I loved it.

Classy, well-educated people like myself like to take pity on those that are less so, and since you can't be in New Zealand to become cultured like me, I will bring the culture to you. You're welcome.

Here's what I saw:

Real Art:

Giant inflatable flower chandelier. This is pretty to look at, therefore I deem it art.
Documented historical shut down:

Dude, she's just not that into you.
Courtney and me:

The blonde-haired sister is being forced to read one of the dark-haired sister's many love letters out loud to her.  Story of my life.... ;)
Morgan Freeman as a Maori Chief:

I'd watch that movie
This statue that was bored out of its mind:

I am right there with you sister
Some gay sailors still hiding out in the closet:

Nice try, boys.

And this guy in the corner busting a move:

"Shakira is breathing down my neck... and I just want to DANCE!"
Hugh Grant's girly puppet brother doing a typical FB self-timer selfie:

As I was taking this picture in order to make fun of it on my blog, one of the girls said, "Hey, he looks like my dad!" Thankfully she was joking.
This one's actually pretty cool:

Trippy, eh?
I bet the person that made this thinks they're so clever. Joke's on them because I didn't even read the whole thing, so ha!

"That's not art, but keep trying!"
My niece Scarlet's most recent art project:

She's getting pretty good at scribbling and shapes.
This is the piece I would create if someone told me I had to make something for a gallery:

Brilliant. How long could this have possibly taken to make?
Giant Dead ballerina (with an itch in her nose perhaps?):

Forgive my friend, she's obviously not as cultured as I am yet.
Young Facebookers dream room:

Ultimate Mirror pic!
Oh no, I'm not starting to sound too pretentious, am I? That can happen sometimes...

Alright, alright... in case any of you were expecting real culture out of this blog here it is. We went to a Maori cultural performance and these are some of the pieces they performed at it. They were so good! Enjoy. (and if you're like me and too lazy to ever let videos load, just watch the last one.)

This is the best one. At the end the men start doing a haka, which I'm sure everyone thinks they know how to do because they saw it on Forever Strong. This is better. Way better.

When they finished their performance, one of the men came to give us a tour of the rest of the museum. Dressed like this:

Bold choice

So until next time, I'll just be here in New Zealand keepin' it classy. 


  1. Oh Kylie, you are such a gem!! I miss you!!

  2. I wish there was a Kylie art commentary for every museum.

  3. I love everything about your blog.


  4. That was the best museum tour ever!!!