Sunday, December 1, 2013

10 Stories to Remind Myself That I Love My Kids

1. We had a member of BYU ROTC come into our class during Freedom week a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't expecting him, but I was busy and he was in full uniform, so I asked my kids if they had any questions for him (having not prepared them for him at all). The conversation went like this:
Claudio: Do you live on the street?
ROTC guy: No, I live in an apartment.
Claudio: Is it in the street?
ROTC guy: No, it's in a building. I have a home.
Claudio: Do you have a bathroom?
ROTC guy: Yes! It has a bathroom, a kitchen.. It's just like a normal house it's just a little bit smaller...
Claudio: Do you drive a car that turns into a boat?
ROTC guy: No, I do not.
Claudio: Liar! I saw it! I've seen you drive it!
I finally had to step in, "Officer, stop calling on him. The questions will only get worse."
To which Claudio responded, "Ugh Miss Earl! Don't tell him!"

2. The gym was closed because of Parent Teacher conferences, so the PE teacher came into my classroom to teach my class a character development lesson. This particular lesson was on recognizing emotions or something like that. The teacher would hold up a card that had an emotion written on it and the kids were supposed to show the emotion on their face. They went through scared, excited, happy, mad, and surprised and they were actually pretty engaged in the lesson. Then the teacher held up a new card. "Ok, the next emotion is loved." My entire class in complete synchronicity made one big gagging sound. It was awesome. The next emotion was sad and so the teacher had the kids talking about what kind of things made them sad. Claudio said, "Bullies make me sad because sometimes you have a scab and the bullies, they will pick it, and they will make you bleed. And you say, 'leave it alone so it will heal!' But bullies, they don't leave it alone! They pick your scab anyways!" The PE teacher clearly disgusted said, "Did that really happen to you?" Claudio responded, "No way. These hands are solid."

3. My boys have been really into making clubs lately, and the other day when we were cutting out one of our projects I got to witness a club meeting. It was mostly them talking about how cool it was to be in a club, then they started repeating the  phrase, "Let's kick some walnuts, bra." to each other over and over again. Not sure what that means and I probably should have made them stop, but it was too funny.

4. I took my class to the ballet to see The Nutcracker for a field trip. It was kind of a long show, and it turns out most second graders don't find ballet as interesting as I do. Still, they were very well-behaved for the show, which means they were pretty riled up on the bus ride back. Someone told a joke and it was all downhill from there. You see, with my kids you get one joke that makes sense and then ten other kids tell a variation of the joke that does not. For instance, a favorite is "Miss Earl, spell icup." " I-C-U-P" which would be funny to me if I were seven. But then it turns into, "Spell icup backwards!" "P-U-C-I" *awkward silence* "Yeah, that doesn't actually make sense. Don't tell me made up jokes."
So anyways, on the bus we got into a long string of bad made up jokes and I was just about to have them do a silent competition when Barrett said, "Hey, Miss Earl. Knock, knock."
Me: "Who's there?"
Barrett: "Interrupting starfish."
Me: "Interrupting starf-"
Barrett slapped me in the face with his hand open like a star.
I laughed so hard I cried.
And then we had a talk about how it's not funny to hit your teacher in the face. Even though it totally was.

5. After the ballet, Jose wrote a story about going to the ballet. It went like this: "First, we go on the bus. Next, we sit down in our seats. Last, I sleep. I like the ballet."

6. For the first time I caught students passing notes in my class and I was so excited to read them. Here's what they said:

On a completely unrelated note I've had to talk with Regina a lot lately about not bullying others to get them do what she wants.

7. We wrote letters to pen pals and this was Claudio's:

8. I gave the class the assignment to tell me all about a person in their family. I told them it needs to be someone that they know really well- like their mom or their dad- so that they could tell me a lot about them. They needed to have 5 specific details about that person. Here's who Ali wrote about:

Me: "Ali, are you writing about yourself?"
Ali: "Well Miss Earl, who do I know better than myself? I have A LOT to say about me."

9. Tehani: "Miss Earl, when are you going to get married?"
Me: "I don't know, eventually I suppose..."
Tehani: "I think I'm going to get married way before you."
Me: "Oh you do? Why's that?"
Tehani: "I already have a boyfriend, and you spend all your time at school where there are only little boys. And I already have a boyfriend."
Me: "Yeah I get it, thanks Tehani."

10. To celebrate birthdays in my class I have every student give the birthday kid an appreciation (Thank you Sister Payne!) We talk about how a good appreciation is something you really love or admire about the person that is not related to their clothes or the things that they own (because otherwise I would get a whole lot of 'I like Susie because she has smelly erasers and a bright pink crayon.') It was Isabella's birthday and so we were going around the circle giving our appreciations.
"I like Isabella because she is a good friend."
"I like Isabella because she is very brave."
"I like Isabella because she shares with others." Isabella was just beaming.
Tehani was last in line. She stood up and said, "I appreciate Isabella because she has A LOT of friends who are lunch ladies."
 I could not help but laugh! I tried so hard to hold it in, but COME ON. So the class all starts nodding their heads and trying to convince, "No seriously Miss Earl, she knows every lunch lady."
"She always talks to them during lunch."
"They all know her name and everything!"
"Sometimes she stays in from recess to hang out with the lunch ladies."


  1. "I like Kylie because she writes like she talks, so there is a happiness and enthusiasm behind everything."

    "I like Kylie because she is an incredible teacher that dared to take second graders to The Nutcracker to expose them to culture."

    "I like Kylie because just remembering her makes me smile. Truly, I cannot say Kylie Earl without thinking of her funny laugh, happy personality, and gorgeous hair."

    Merry Christmas Miss Earl. I hope you get married before Claudio or you just might find him asking you to be his wife. "(ps, I liked his definition of bullies)

  2. I am giddy with happiness right now. I have even almost forgiven you for ditching me for Thanksgiving because this was so amazing.

  3. I'm laughing so hard right now, the lunch lady story at the end was my favorite.

  4. I want my daughter to have you for a teacher next year. Do you think we can arrange that? you have had me in stitched since I started stalking this blog MONTHS ago. Love it.

  5. This is mom -
    How did I miss this when it first came out! You are supposed to alert me!! Oh my gosh. I am in tears from laughing. Your kids are so lucky to have you!!