Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Suck in Space

By: Claudio

Warning: This book does not say and they live happele ever after. 

Claudio, Braxton, Danielle telaport in space! Claudio turned to fire boy! Braxton turned to bomb boy! Danielle turned to smash girl. They met ice boy in the planet cold cuts. He said, "Kira, for the space egg. So I need it back."
 Ice boy said. "Black sand guy said I think, I'll give you a hand superheroes. Without hands! ha.hah.ha!"
"Purple minions are approaching," said fire boy.
"One of them are battle droids," said bomb boy. 
"Really light savers," said fire boy. "Is that go big boy? He lived in Donut Land. His revenge is the big pig!"

Also, Braxton's sister is Queen Aumudolea. 


Where does he live? 

Who is this? 

How did bomb boy blow up? 

(Claudio brought this story he wrote over the long weekend to share with the class. After he read it aloud, he gave it to me and said, "You can have it so you can show it to Kendall." When I told Claudio that Kendall moved back to Washington he said, "You just call her on your computer camera Miss Earl. Trust me, she wants to read it.")


  1. I failed his test. I don't know any of the answers. Beaten by a 2nd grade Mario obsessor. I have reached a new low.

  2. This is mom: It's like Claudio can read Kendall's mind!