Saturday, November 15, 2014

Kids Write the Darndest Things

Luke kept it real. 

We read a story about a seal pup that is rescued by people because her mother went out hunting one day and never came back. The kids were supposed to write about what they read in the beginning of the story and when I went around to check them Luke kept blocking his paper. I told him I wanted to see what he had written and he said, "I'm worried you'll be mad. But it's just the truth! Stuff like that happens in the wild." 

"maybe she got hert a shark came and ate the seal i'm not trying to be mean." 

Sal really wanted to get his point across. 

When asked to write a paragraph about a member of his family, Sal wrote: 

I love mom and dad
I am telling about mom and dad. 
First I love mom and dad. 
Next I love to much mom and dad. 
Then I love mom and dad muchr. 
Last I love mom and dad. 

Jon wrote about his brother, and merely stated the facts. 

My big brother
I am going to tell you about my brother Alejandro. First he is mean and he eat poop paper. Next he does not like to play with his little brothers. Then he plays video games that are violent. Last he is smart. 

Hey Alejandro, 1 out of 4 ain't bad!

I got a lovely little note from one of my students last year.

to: Miss Earl
from: Elisia
hey Miss Earl when are you gonna get married. I miss you so much. No, I miss you too much. Some time can I come to your classroom and tell you class who I am if my teacher lets me. Guess what I know how to do my name in cursive see it is at the top. 

Armando worked on his "phonemic" spelling. 

The kids were supposed to make a poster about the internet safety tips we learned in an assembly with the school. I was walking around checking out what they had done, when one of the girls in my class called me over to her table.
"Armando just wrote 'poop' all over his." she said pointing at his poster. 
Armando tried to hide his smile and look shocked as he looked down at his poster. "That says 'poop'?!? Teacher, I was trying to write 'Use Kind Words'. Spelling is really hard." 

Sure you did, Armando.

Interactive journal entries are a new fad. 

Luke had a lot of ideas for my Halloween costume. 

"Last my grandpa came to town and I stepped on a nail and I went to Trafalga and did laser tag with him and we did miniature golf and do you think I should stop this sentence? Check right here."

Self-evaluations brought out the best and worst in my kids. 

Self-confidence was not lacking for most of my students when it came time for them to tell their parents how they think they are doing in school. Sal is far below grade level standards at this point, but that didn't get him down. Here's what he wrote (according to Sal).

"I am really good at... I am really great at everything
I need help with... No, I not need any help never." 

And Heidi may be really great at reading, but man, that meth is really getting her down. And no, I did not correct her spelling or even bother to change it before parent teacher conferences. 

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