Sunday, July 3, 2016

One Year Anniversary Trip

For our one year anniversary we wanted to go somewhere just the two of us so Stephen took the week off work and we drove to Rockville, UT. Stephen's grandparents built a home out in Rockville, a little town right outside of Zion National Park, that his dad and uncles now own and take care of. It's a beautiful house and the cutest little town you will ever see.

The red arrow is pointing to the Marsh house. Here I am being forced by my husband to take a picture on the historic Rockville bridge. The things I do for that man.

After staying the night in Rockville we drove to St George for the day of our actual anniversary so that we could go to the St George Temple where we were married. We brought some family names that Kendall had prepared to do sealings. When we went to get checked in we were greeted by Daryl Larkin, the sealer for our own ceremony, and his sweet wife Lana. It was so fun to catch up with them and let them know how we were doing. He was happy to see that we still seemed to like each other after one whole year together.

June 27, 2016- A little older, a little fatter (just me), but still very much in love. 

We spent the day with Stephen's family, and in a true act of love Stephen even chose not to golf on our anniversary. That night we went to Oscar's for dinner and I ordered well for the first time in maybe our whole marriage. I have a bad habit of ordering food that is not good and then eating Stephen's entire meal. Perks of marriage #135.

The next day we went to Zion in the morning so that we could hike Angel's Landing. Stephen has grown up hiking in Zion so he knows that park like the back of his hand whereas I had never been before. He made for a very knowledgeable (and handsome) tour guide.

Stephen had hiked Angel's Landing a bunch of times, even running it once, and I am a novice hiker even when I'm not 26 weeks pregnant. He showed me pictures and talked about what I could expect on the hike in order to prepare me. We made a deal that if it got too hard for me we could turn around and go back with no hard feelings (though already in my head I knew that I absolutely did not want to make us turn around because I wanted to be the hard core pregnant lady who did the difficult hike.)

First we had to make it through the switchbacks they call Walter's Wiggles.

I was out of breath and being passed by children, but made it through this part still feeling pretty good.

Then you get to a point in the hike where the trail gets very narrow and there are drop offs on both sides. They have big thick medal chains running along the trail to help you along the way. I had heard about this from all my friends who had ever been on this hike, but it was much more intimidating in person. The rocks are smooth from having been hiked over for so many years and the day we went was very crowded with lots of other hikers. There were a lot of spots along the trail that we had to stop and wait for a group coming down because you can really only go one person at a time.

Thankfully I am not afraid of heights so I was able to look around and enjoy the view along the way. It truly is one of the most breath taking places I have ever been.

I sweated, struggled, and slipped once or twice but Stephen had no trouble at all. I felt like a big deal because I was carrying a two pound baby in my stomach, but Stephen carried a backpack full of food, water, frozen Gatorade and anything else I felt like I might need along the way. That guy is always making me look bad.

Then, we finally made it to the top!

Our legs were totally jelly by the time we made it back down to the bottom, and we had fat swollen hiking hands, but it was totally worth it and one of the coolest experiences I've ever had. 

We spent the rest of the day recovering. Stephen drove me around the ghost town Grafton and then we watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid so that we could see the parts of Zion Park and Grafton that they had filmed in for the movie. Look at me, hiking and watching old western movies. Marriage sure changes a person. That night Stephen spent a long time making a fire (it had rained after we got home from our hike so everything was wet) just so I could roast some s'mores. 

The next day we spent the morning down at the river that runs along the back of the property. It was FREEZING but oh so refreshing once you got used to it. Stephen skipped rocks like a pro while I sat around and watched him because I'm incapable of doing so. He also spent some time gathering cool looking river rocks for a project I hope to complete if I ever get talented and/or creative. 

For my anniversary gift, Stephen got me tickets to see a play at Tuacahn, another first for me. A couple hours before the show there was a huge downpour that didn't look like it was going to clear up. Tuacahn is an outdoor theater so we worried our show would be cancelled. The rain let up just in time for the show to start. It started to drizzle and then come down on us throughout the first half, but by intermission the storm had totally passed and it was a really lovely evening. 

We ended up seeing Peter Pan and it was very well done. The flying effects were really cool. Note to self: when your husband takes you on a really nice date for your anniversary, you should probably take a picture to remember it by instead of stealing some off the internet. 

It wasn't Stephen's favorite show he's seen at Tuacahn, and let's be real it's getting a little outdated as a musical (sorry J.M. Barrie), but it was great nonetheless. Also, how lucky am I that I have a  husband that can hike a mountain one day and sit down and watch a musical with me the next?! No wonder I'm so obsessed with him. 

We ended the week back at Stephen's parents house in St George aka one of the happiest places on earth. We spent time with family, did some swimming, and one of us got to play a lot of golf (and enjoyed it so you know it wasn't me). Makenzie had spent two weeks going to a theater camp in St George, and we got to be there when they performed their show No, No, A Million Times No. She was the cutest milkmaid there ever was, and man can that girl sing. One of the days while Stephen was busy golfing I went with Linne and her crew back to Zion to do the Riverwalk. Not even freezing cold water and overeager ground squirrels could stop those kids from having a good time! And just look at their cute faces!

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

John and Ashleigh came into town just in time for us to hang out with them. Linne, Ashleigh, and I got pedicures on Saturday morning at a salon that lets you sing Karaoke while you get your toes done. So apparently it's true that heaven is a place on earth. John and Ashleigh brought their new puppy, Vienna, with them so we got to meet her as well and she is ADORABLE. In a completely unrelated note, I now have to explain to Stephen at least three times a day why we can't get a puppy.

It was an amazing week filled with fun and family. I can't wait to go back. 

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  1. i'm supposed to be prepping a million things for a mutual cooking demo that will be happening at my house this evening. Instead I am catching up on your blog and reminiscing about our perfect summer last year. Totally worth it.