Sunday, June 26, 2016

One Year As a Marsh

As of June 27, 2016 Stephen and I have officially been married one year. Here are some of our highlights/ random pictures I have kept on my phone that I need to delete to clear up some storage.

First, we took off for our Honeymoon. We took a booze cruise out of Long Beach, CA that stopped at Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. It was THE BEST. We had way too much fun and ate way too much food, though we did not partake in any of the booze. It made for some great people watching though!

After our honeymoon we came back and spent a week or so in St George before we moved to Vegas for the summer. Jon and Kacey kindly let us live in their apartment garage for a few months while Stephen prepared to start work in September and I mostly just watched TV. 

One of our favorite parts of living with the Nielsens was having Jude pop over for visits whenever he felt like it. He was a big fan of Stephen. He liked to make Stephen play computer games so he could watch and if Stephen had the graham crackers out Jude would quickly run back to his house to get some milk and come right back to share with him. When we first moved in he referred to us both as 'Tyie'. Then Stephen became 'Feten" and that stuck for the rest of our time living there. I was a little devastated when we saw him a month after moving out and he had mastered 'Uncle Stephen'. Curse Kacey and her intelligent children! 

Instead of paying rent for the summer we watched Jon and Kacey's kids while they were in Peru for a week. It also happened to be the first week of school for Scarlet and Rhode. We all made it out alive and with a greater appreciation for all Kacey does. 

After that week we took a break from our hectic unemployed schedules and went to Hawaii with Stephen's parents John and Lucina. We stayed on the Big Island at a really nice place that I don't remember the name of now. John and Stephen got to play a lot of golf while Lucina and I read on the beach, so everyone left happy. 

We even got to go snorkeling and looked AMAZINGLY SEXY while doing so. 

We moved out of Jon and Kacey's at the end of September and started life in our new apartment in Mesa, AZ. We live fifteen minutes from anywhere you could possibly want to shop or eat and we get to go scorpion hunting every night so we are both really liking it here. 

Kendall came back from her mission in Louisiana a few days before Thanksgiving and Stephen got to meet her for the first time. I have no proof of that, but I do have this picture of us waiting for her at the airport. I'm not sure why Kendall isn't in this picture because we were late getting to the airport so she was standing there waiting for us when we walked in. All that time I spent on those banners for nothing but this picture of me looking like a friendless loser. 

We went back St George for Christmas with the Marshes this year. We loved hanging out with our nieces and nephews. Stephen spent weeks convincing me he wasn't getting me anything for Christmas, and then surprised me with a Kindle Fire. I got him a bathrobe, so yeah, I'm pretty much nailing this whole being married thing. 

For New Year's we got to go to Canada with my family to stay at the new condo my dad bought at Big White. Big White is a ski resort we went to all the time when I was a kid, but my dad sold the condo we used to have when Brad got too busy for ski season because he loves Brad the most. Anyways, he just got a new condo on the same mountain as our old place and we had so much fun. We may have had to pack like sardines to all fit in the condo, but it was totally worth it. It turns out Stephen is really good at snow boarding (I should have known because he's really good at everything) and I was surprisingly ok for someone who had not been in such a long time. Stephen was thoroughly impressed with my skiing skills because he has seen me play tennis and was expecting the very worst. Low expectations, the key to all happy marriages. 

As soon as we got back Stephen hit his first busy season in work and handled working the long hours like a champ. I kept busy substituting elementary school, teaching dance in the evening three times a week, and traveling for Team Dance every weekend in April. 

When busy season was finally over I got my husband back and we were able to do some fun things like go hiking in Sedona. 

My dance classes had their dance recital at the end of June. I am not yet good at adulting and so I took no pictures with my classes or video of the dances I choreographed. I did however get this picture with my one handsome supporter. 

Also this year I got pregnant! We are expecting a baby girl in October and we are pretty dang excited about it. 

As awesome as it was being Kylie Earl, I am having an even better time being Kylie Earl Marsh. 

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  1. STOP!! You are so cute!! And I one hundred percent agree with the low expectations leading to a happy marriage, that's my motto! I need to see more pictures of that cute baby bump!