Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wedding and Reception in St George

We got married in the St George temple on June 27, 2015. We had so many friends and family that were able to come and be with us for the ceremony and reception. It was a seriously hot, but wonderful day.

We had our reception at The Ledges Clubhouse and it was a really gorgeous venue. We had a pasta dinner with fruit and salad on the side. Several of our family members gave toasts that were only mildly embarrassing and mostly really, really sweet.

My one regret from the evening is that I didn't eat more dessert. Story of my life. 

After dinner and the toasts we got to my favorite part of the evening- the dance party! We made a playlist with all my jams and whenever I got tired of a song we just went to the next one! Stephen, who had originally tried to get out of any dancing at the reception, danced every song with me. It was seriously a dream come true. 

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