Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pre-wedding Reception in Moses Lake

Stephen and I decided to have a reception in Moses Lake the week before we actually got married because it worked better with everyone's schedules or something like that. Since that meant Stephen would see me in the dress before our actual wedding, we had a great excuse to put a blindfold on him and make him participate in a big dress reveal. We went out with Julie Waites and Ashley Mar a couple days before the reception and they took some amazing pictures for us. 

I'm not one to get super into pinterest fads, but whoever thought of taking pictures of the dress reveal is pretty great in my book. As you can tell by the pictures I was just a tad bit giddy to finally get to show off my dress. And for a guy who really hates taking pictures, Stephen could not have been a better sport! 

These are some of my favorite shots that Julie and Ashley took that day. Our apartment is currently a shrine to them/our wedding. Whatever filters they were using I would like them to be on me always. 

Isn't it weird when you look at your wedding pictures and fall in love with your husband all over again? He's SO dreamy! 

We had our reception at my house, which of course my mom went above and beyond to make beautiful for us. We had been working on redoing the kitchen cabinets (we being my parents and their slave labor/ children) for several weeks and we had to work up until the very last minute to get things done in time for the reception. I would skype with Stephen while he was in Utah and I was in Moses Lake and I probably had the same outfit on for a solid two weeks because I spent all day painting and all night staining. We listened to the entire Serial podcast and watched a lot of episodes of Dateline while working on that project. Apparently something about murder just puts me in the mood to paint. Anyways, the cabinets turned out beautifully, but were definitely a lot of work so we were all pretty excited when my mom deemed the job "done for now." 

Well the morning of my reception we were cleaning and setting up and I was in the kitchen baking away (I made every batch of cookies served at my reception thank you very much) and I came up with something I needed to ask my mom about. Well I shout and look around for a while but I can't find her. I finally make the trek to the downstairs and find her cleaning out the exercise room so that one of the boys could take a car load to Goodwill. This is a room that had been filled with random "give away piles" for as long as I can remember, and we've been living there a solid 16 years at this point, and my mom decides that the morning of my reception is a good time to get that job done. Keep in mind that the reception was held upstairs and nobody would be anywhere near the basement. But that's why everything she does turns out to be so amazing- she's a person who cares about the littlest details! :)

That being said, I had barely changed into my dress and finished my make up when the first guests arrived, and I was the most ready out of everyone. We pulled it together in the end, but if it weren't for Kristy's mother in law Druann, and my soon to be mother in law Lucina, keeping things together while everyone got dressed, it would have been a rough start. 

Notice those gorgeous dark cabinets on the left completely hidden by the food table? Yep all that work was totally worth it ;). 

Dean and Owen were able to make it and I have two words for you- Baby. Suspenders. Yeah, you are welcome. 

Kristy and Trevor were able to make it to the Moses Lake reception and then found out the next morning that Declan was on his way! I may have been missing a few siblings, but I was so happy to have the ones that could make it! 

It was a beautiful reception and it turns out it was really fun to pretend to be married for a couple of hours. 

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