Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Week in Moses Lake

Sometimes when you live in Mesa and every day is over 100 degrees and you are seven months pregnant, you just have to get away. Plus we had an Earl Reunion coming up in Idaho that my husband couldn't make it to, so I decided to come up to Moses Lake early and bum a ride off my parents.

When I got home, preparations for Today's Generation's production of The Little Mermaid were in full swing. Kendall was the director, so while she focused on the actors Courtney and I took over props and backstage. Kendall did such a great job and the play ended up being so much fun for everyone.

Kristy made it for the last show on Saturday!

Courtney made Tritan's throne, and I made his Trident, so I guess you could say we're pretty big deals. 
In an effort to prove ourselves to be the best pregnant stage hands in the history of theater, Courtney derived a way for us to make the giant Ursula scene even cooler.

Those giant lifelike tentacles? Yeah, that's us. Totally nailed it.

Once the craziness with the play was over we had just a few days for some family activities. My mom and sisters threw me an awesome baby shower. We had delicious crepes and time to sit and chat. I can't get over how many cute things we got for our little girl!

The last gift I opened was from Qiana and it was one of my favorites.

the wrapping

homemade bundle of joy

With Kristy and Courtney both in town we had Declan and Dean with us, but we also had Kacey's boys with us so that she could relax and get ready to have her baby. It was a house full, but the boys were all so good and played so well together.

ready for church

That's me trying to keep Declan awake on the way to a dinner that a very nice family made for us. He is the smiliest guy. And it was the yummiest dinner.

Also, a lady came over and gave us facials. It was awesome. 
It was a great week and a half hanging out with family before we headed to the reunion, though it was WAY too long to be away from Stephen.

The absolute best part of the week though was when Kacey finally had her baby on July 30. IT'S A GIRL!!! Baby Ridley is just the cutest little thing in the world and I can't wait to meet her in person and for our girls to be best friends.

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  1. I think we missed each other in Moses Lake by just a few days! WAHHH!!