Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas and New Years

For Christmas we were able to go to Moses Lake to spend it with my entire side of the family. That's my mom and dad, their 7 kids, 5 spouses, and 10 grandchildren. I was crazy excited. Plus that meant we had an excuse to get Rory a couple of cold weather essentials. 

be still my heart

This is from the morning we left- she could  just feel the excitement!
We drove to Las Vegas Friday night and stayed at John and Ashleigh's. It's always a good time when we get to hang out with those two! Plus Ashleigh always feeds us really well. The next morning John dropped us off at the airport and we flew to Pasco.
We had a row to ourselves on the flight up- game changer. If only we weren't so cheap :) 

Just chilling in Seattle waiting for our connecting flight
When we got there it was non-stop family fun for 10 whole days and so much baby cuteness I could hardly control myself.

Ridley and Rory

Ridley and Rory

Jude, Grammy, and Owen

Just looking cute taking a nap

As much fun as we had, it was definitely eye opening for both Rory and I when we weren't the only ones hanging out at home all day. She went through just about every hazard that comes from having that many people in one enclosed space- kicked, stepped on, and her first cold :( Not so awesome.
But she also gave us her first real laugh and that WAS awesome. We were giving her a bath after a monumental spit up, seriously so huge, and Stephen was scrubbing her toes when she just lost it. It was the best sound in the entire world.

Aunt Kendall caught us hanging out

cute cousins
Image may contain: 3 people, baby
Ridley, Rory, and Quinn

The boys left on Sunday to go to Big White for a couple of days while the girls stayed home with the babies. Curtis was the only guy left out because Courtney had baby Quinn on Sunday, so he had to stick around for that. In exchange, the boys watched the kids while we went to lunch at Incas- yeah that seems about even, right?

Rory and Sanderson Poe. If we could have found a way to take this cat home with us we would have. He's so dope.

For Christmas Eve this year we didn't get together with all the other relatives in town like we normally do, which was a bummer but also kind of nice since everyone's crews are getting SO big. Luckily Angie and Q still came down to eat dinner with us, though I somehow didn't manage to snap a picture with them. Just know they were there and in adorable matching sweaters no less and it was so so fun to see them. 

Christmas Eve we had dinner with our family, Angie and Q, and the missionaries from my parents ward. Then we got our Christmas jammies and ornaments and I was way too excited about all the matching that was happening. 

Here's a blurry but wonderful picture of some of the people I love the most.

Since Christmas fell on a Sunday this year we got to get all dressed up and go to Sacrament meeting after opening gifts. It was really lovely, and I only dozed slightly, unlike somebody else I could mention...

We flew back to Las Vegas on the 27th and then drove to St George to spend a little time with Stephen's family. We were supposed to have about a week with them, but Stephen got assigned a few inventory counts last minute. Those darn taxes...

Rory all bundled up to head home

Unfortunately by the time we made it in to St George I was feeling really sick. Whatever bug had been going around the house had made its way to me and it was horrible. My sweet in laws took such great care of me- I'm talking homemade chicken noodle soup and middle of the night ginger ale runs- and watched my sweet baby while I got some rest.
I rallied just enough to go see the movie Sing with Stephen, Makenzie, and John while Lucina watched Rory. It was exciting to go out on a date with my handsome husband and it was awesome to come home to my sweet baby! I'm a lucky, lucky girl.
Since it was just the three of us for New Year's Eve we had a family sleepover in the living room. We watched some shows, ate yummy pizza, and two of us ended up staying up WAY too late because I drank some caffeine. I guess the holidays just bring out the party girl in Rory.

2016 was a good year for us and we are excited to ring in the new year with this little cutie!

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