Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Alive in Tucson

Stephen had to work on a client out of Tucson for the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break. We decided to come and stay with him during the week and we all went home for the weekend. Tucson may not be everyone's idea of a vacation spot, but it was so fun to get a little extra time as a family. 

She saved all her smiles for when we finally joined back up with dad. 

Off to show her off to dad's coworkers

El Guero Canelo- famous for their sonoran hot dog which was yummy, but their carne asada is really to die for. Plus check out how huge that burrito is. 

Shopping with mom left her exhausted
 Like I said, we came home for the weekends in between so on Saturday we went with our friends the Collins to see the Mesa Temple lights. And yes, I used it as an excuse to dress my baby in this adorable sweat jumpsuit. Look how cozy she is!

Honestly Rory didn't seem too impressed with the lights. She was awake for the whole thing but she mostly looked displeased the entire time. Guess we will have to try again next year!

 Stephen went back to Tucson the following Monday, to a new hotel this time but I forgot to take any pictures which is dumb because they had a giant REAL gingerbread house in the foyer! It was so cool! Rory had a doctors appt to get her first round of shots on Tuesday, so we came up after that. This picture is so sad because this is her smiling at me as we were waiting to meet with her doctor- she had no idea what was coming her way! She was a champ and calmed down as soon as she was back in my arms, but I cried pretty hard so... But also it was my birthday so I think that makes it ok.

We drove up to Tucson as soon as she had calmed down and she slept the entire way- little angel baby. Stephen left popcorn and M&M's for me in the hotel room (my favorite treat) and as soon as he got back from work we went out to Oregano's for dinner and a free birthday pizookie! It was super yummy and so fun.
When we got back to the hotel he gave me this gift, which gave me warm and fuzzies all over to see how much my husband really gets me. What a patient man haha.
Card on the left, mug on the right

I also got this gem of a card from my mother-in-law and I about died. Hilarious. 
 I do have to say the absolute highlight of my birthday was when I got this message from my mom:
I seriously cannot even begin to describe to you how excited this made me. It was like all the hope and dreams childhood Kylie ever had were coming true in one moment. Stephen and I reached in to our catalog of cat names (yes we have thought of more possible cat names than we have names for our future children) and decided that from henceforth this cat would be known as Sanderson Poe. If you think that sounds familiar this may just jog your memory: 

Image result for sanderson poe bachelor

Yeah I think I am pretty funny. Be excited for the day when we have another cat to name because we've got plenty of ideas still up our sleeves!

So back on track, I had an amazing birthday. Seriously so fun (minus Rory's shots- still sad just thinking about those). Now back to Tucson...

hanging out in the hotel- LOOK AT THAT BABY

doing some laps at Target to help her sleep and pass the time

Looking real fly

Rory fell asleep on the hotel bed and she looked so teeny and so old all at the same time and I just couldn't stand it

It was good times in Tucson and a great birthday!

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