Friday, June 23, 2017

Visitors in June

June brought us back to business as usual. We were back to our regular routine patiently awaiting the visitors we would have coming this month. Get excited, they're good ones. 

Stephen loves to hang out with Rory in the morning before work. This is when I caught him doing his hair and Rory's at the same time. She doesn't have much to work with, but their twinning totally cracked me up. 

Rory now pulls the water bottle from my mouth when she is ready for her turn. Which is always. 
 We got to do a little swimming at our old apartment complex with my friend Emily.
Are you sure this water's sanitary? It looks questionable to me.  
Everything must get in my mouth!

Rory has discovered puffs and she gives them two thumbs up, five stars, 10 out of 10!

She loves golf balls and hates getting her nose wiped. Thus, this picture happened. 

I'm starting to have to barricade things. Look at her blurry little hand, always on the move!

When I need a little break I put Rory in the jumper- she can jump now!- and turn on a show. Her favorite is anything with music and girl loves Ed Sheeran.
The first weekend in June was when our first visitors arrived! Clayton, Stephen's best friend, and his girlfriend Alicia came to Gilbert for the weekend for Alicia's friend's wedding and they were able to stay at our house. We didn't have a ton of time with them, but it was enough to get some delicious food together and to remind ourselves how much we miss seeing Clayton every day. It is so fun to have such good friends. 
We took them to LoLo's Chicken & Waffles because that place is delicious and also a little hilarious. Alicia had been once before and could only remember they had delicious blue Kool-Aid so she and Clayt went all out. The Kool-Aids were delicious and also HUGE. 

She is my daughter

Now I'm hungry just writing about it...

And then the very next weekend we had a visit from my bestie Madalyn! She had a break in her work schedule so she was able to hang out with me for THREE WHOLE DAYS and it was glorious. We ate so many delicious things. Plus she showed up with gifts! I am currently obsessed with this T-shirt she brought for me. I wore it to Girl's Camp (for the one day I went) and girls kept being like "Hey, cool shirt." and I actually really did feel like a cool mom.
Mady flew in Wednesday night, but I got called to be a Beehive adviser the Sunday before she came, so I picked her up from the airport, drove home, put Rory to bed, and said, "Hey, glad you're here. Please watch my baby. Kthanksbye." And she did it gladly because she's the best. I got back from Mutual and we chatted and ate Edward's S'mores pie until we were too sleepy and full to continue. Verdict: It was yummy, but very sugary (and coming from us that is saying something) and we prefer our Marie Callendar's Chocolate Satin Pie.

The first day we just hung out and around the house and chatted for the morning and it was bliss. And then Stephen came home early from work because apparently the universe was celebrating my half birthday or something, and so we got to hang out with him. Then Stephen watched Rory while we went out and did some shopping. That night I took Madalyn to Fluff It for gourmet s'mores. Madalyn's was a mint marshmallow, with chocolate ganache, on a chocolate chip cookie. I got a vanilla bean marshmallow with Nutella and peanut butter on a peanut butter cookie. Both were A+ delicious. And so so messy. Is there anyone in this world that can eat s'mores without getting them all over their face? If so I am interested in taking lessons. Please and thank you. 

Mady also helped us further indoctrinate our child, which is really what a best friend is for. GO COUGARS! 

 The next day we went out shopping, but only after stopping by Sodalicious for a little sustenance. We got two cookies and a scotcheroo, because we're both watching our weight- HAHAHA jokes. Verdict: Inventor of the scotcheroo you are invited into our exclusive best friend club and also I think I love you. Peanut butter Off the Rails (Nutella frosting) is as delicious as it sounds. The chocolate cookie was also amazing, and Mady said during the holiday season they put peppermint frosting on them which she fins to be a little too much and I thought sounded just about right, so I'll get back to you on that one.

After a long day of shopping, we put Rory down and left Stephen at home and went and found ourselves some yummy Mexican food. Madalyn went for the Chicken chimichanga and proudly finished the whole thing because it was delicious and she is a lady. I got pork enchiladas with sweet potato sauce which I did not finish because 1) I wanted to be able to eat that meal again it was so good and 2) I only made it halfway through dinner before I started thinking about that S'mores Pie sitting in my fridge. 
Mady and I are always horrible at taking pictures when we are together because we are always busy talking and/or eating, so I hope you can see that this entire write up is a HUGE point for me in the adulting category. Let's be real though, nothing makes you feel more like a mom than saying, "Let's take a picture!" 
We redboxed the movie Arrival on the way home and watched it with Stephen, and YOU GUYS, I guessed the ending of that movie like halfway through and that is going on my gravestone because it was a very big deal for me. Cool mom and a genius. Wow. 

Us and future us??? 
 On Saturday we took Rory swimming at the community pool. We weren't there for long, but it was cute while it lasted and that's really all that matters right?

Saturday night we went out to Oregano's for dinner and tried not to think about the fact that Mady would possibly ever be leaving us. Stephen and I shared the Ziti with Meatballs and I am writing this down because I always forget what I like there, even though everything I've tried is delicious, but now I've got it in writing. I like the Ziti. We ordered a pizookie even though we had but three Nothing Bundt Cake bundlets earlier in the day to eat for dessert. But we only bought ONE pizookie so I was actually like super impressed with us. We got half chocolate chip half Salted caramel and it was WHOLE-Y delicious. See what I did there?  

Rory sat in a high chair for the first time and it was maybe the cutest thing that has ever happened to me. She ate her puffs for a while very happily. Then she people watched for a bit. Her favorite thing to do was find a server and lock eyes with them as they passed by our table. Inevitably, as they would walk by they would say to her, "You're so cute!" At which point she would smile and look away shyly and then find another server to stare down. This baby is just the coolest.

This head not pictured guy sitting at the bar behind Rory was speaking kind of loudly during our meal so he kept catching Rory's attention. She would strain her neck around to try to see him or lean back in her chair so she could get a good look at him upside down. When he got up to leave he said, "Well, you are not the cutest thing ever. I have not fallen in love with you at all." It totally warmed my heart and I keep thinking about it. I hope that Rory will always be so sweet to people and good at making friends!

Madalyn had to leave early Sunday morning, but we were all too full to eat our Nothing Bundt Cakes- rookie mistake. We tried to redbox another movie, but couldn't find anything good. We tried searching for iZombie season 3 episodes, but instead stumbled upon all the seasons of Pushing Daisies which Mady and I love because we are soul mates and Stephen had never seen before! We ended up watching 3 or 4 episodes. We had to multitask though because we were busy finding Mady potential Arizona husbands on Mutual (Tinder for Mormons) so that she can move next door to us. Don't even get me started on how fun/ addicting those apps are. We haven't found 'the one' yet, but we're not giving up hope. 
Right before we went to bed, we went ahead and taste tested the bundlets because it was absolutely necessary in order for us to get a good night's sleep. We got Red Velvet, Cinnamon Swirl, and Lemon Raspberry. They were all delicious. Stephen likes the cake, but thinks that the frosting is way too much. I like it all, but see his point on the frosting. My rankings were Cinnamon Swirl, Lemon Raspberry, and then Red Velvet. I did not happen to stand on a scale after Mady's departure and I think that was for the best. 
I love Madalyn, and she is the coolest for being my friend and loving my baby and hanging out with me when she has a well-deserved break.

And then life got back to normal and I had to start eating salads again. 

This is Rory at Walmart sitting in the cart for the first time. Notice the nursing cover overlaying the cart and every soft thing I could find in my diaper bag shoved in around her because I was terrified. I also walked around slower than the majority of the senior citizens in the store because I was so afraid of jostling her or something. She LOVED it. I couldn't get her to sit up straight because she could get a better view of the action like this: 

 She employed the same technique she had learned at Oregano's and stared other customers down until they told her she was cute. This is a picture of her doing exactly that to a single man.

Rory is getting more mobile by the day and loves to pull herself up on to things. She doesn't get to her feet most times, but she proudly sits up on her knees and reaches for whatever it is she is after. I love that her going after the iPad just makes it look like she is SUPER in to my fitness DVD. 

I never manage to get a picture with her in it, but my friend Emily is always good for a weekly swim/ lunch date. She knows the best places to eat and then she and I sit and chat in the pool while Rory floats alongside of us. Emily is the best. And Rory is pool tolerant- most days. 

Stephen's First Father's Day! All he wanted was a new wall mount for our giant TV so that it will not topple down on Rory when she starts pulling herself up on things and for me to master his mom's lasagna, which I attempted but did not succeed. A lame present, a disappointing meal, and this guy still had a smile on his face? Yep, he's a real dad now. 

Our good friends, the Bartons, had a baby boy that had Trisomy 18. Little Michael only lived for 11 hours, but his life completely touched and changed mine and many others. Rory and I were able to attend a beautiful service with friends and family. I will never forget Sarah singing "Come Thou Disconsolate" with a strength and beauty like I've never seen before. The Bartons have been pillars of light and strength for everybody amidst their own tragedy, and I am so grateful for their examples. This is Rory and their daughter Rebecca playing at the luncheon afterwards. These girls are almost exactly a year apart. Rory thought Rebecca was the coolest and Rebecca thought it was naptime and she was ready for this baby to quit following her around.

With Rory's newfound mobility I have had to get really creative with ways to keep her busy and contained so that I can do things like shower. This bath tub play pen worked SO well. About twice. And then she was over it. But it was adorable while it lasted. 

Thanks to Stephen I was able to go to Girl's Camp for one night and one day. He took the day off work and I headed to camp Tuesday night with two other leaders. It was so fun to get to know the girls a little better and I had a blast. Obviously, Rory and Stephen did too. 

Rory has now decided that she will no longer sit quietly in any church meeting. Little did I know, the foyer is a kid haven and church has never been cooler. We both loved it. 

Last, but not least. this is Rory pooping in her bouncer and I die laughing every single time I look at this picture. The struggle is so real, baby girl. 

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