Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It's Gonna Be May

To celebrate the arrival of May, Rory mastered a new trick. She started scooting backwards to get where ever she wanted to be. She started next to me and the toy and ended up there. It's hilarious to watch because she can't really control where she ends up so she scoots and scoots and scoots and then just looks around like, "Yep, I guess this will do." 

I just love this picture because Stephen and Rory are two peas in a pod in the mornings. This is their, "Isn't she so annoying with all the picture taking?" face. Priceless.

The first weekend in May Courtney and her kids flew back from Grenada! Curtis just finished up his schooling there and they are headed back to the states to find out where he will go for rotations. Courtney and the kids came up two weeks before him so he could concentrate on finals. She ended up booking a flight that had an overnight layover in Phoenix so it was basically the happiest day of my life. 
I ended up deciding to go work at the Team Dane Spokane event, so I worked it out that Rory and I got to join them on the second leg of their trip as they flew to Seattle. Unfortunately there's a rule that you can't have more than one infant in a row on a plane because there are not enough oxygen masks so I ended up being zero useful to Courtney. Dean, that cute little stinker, had had ENOUGH of traveling from the day before (and who in the world could blame him?) so it ended up being a LONG flight for Court. Just to give you an idea, it involved Dean going "boneless" in the aisle forcing Courtney to hand her baby to the stranger seated next to her, and also Dean knocking down people's drinks as she finally got him to walk down the aisle. That kid...

Three car seats in the back! And Dean already in tears. Oh how our sister time has changed haha. 
 My mom picked us up in Seattle, but she had the wrong time for our flight so there was a little extra waiting time. Dean was DONE by this point, and really we all were, so by the time we got in the Suburban to drive three hours back to Moses Lake he just sat in the back and wailed. And wailed. And wailed. And wailed. Until he eventually fell asleep, which was awesome. That poor sweet kid.
This is how the girls felt about his crying:

Once we made it to Grammy's house things got considerably better for everyone. Rory and Quinn got some good cousin stare time in.

Rory sans bow, Quinn sans pants

Rory's backward scooting starting to get her in some precarious situations. 
We stayed in Moses Lake for one day, and then Kristy picked Rory and I up to bring us to the Team Dance event. It was a crazy weekend. Kacey hired two babysitters to help at the event and watch Rory. They loved Rory. They loved her so much that they just wanted to keep her up to play with them instead of letting her nap. But also there was so much going on that to expect Rory to step away from the fun and sit in a dark room by herself and go to sleep was just really too much. I was busy at the judge's table, but the few times I was able to walk around in the lobby where she was with the baby sitters I got to hear people talking about the adorable baby and feel sneakily flattered and prideful. She got zero naps, but she had lots of fun. 

Rory in the sound booth (at like 10:30 pm) 

mesmerized by the dancers
We shared a hotel room with Kristy who was just the absolute best. She made Rory laugh so hard, and she helped me with everything. Turns out I don't do working mom very well, but Kristy was there to pick up my slack. She's the best.

finally back to the hotel room for some sleep
 On the last day of the competition I went in the break room and held her during the awards and she went right to sleep. It was short-lived as everyone kept coming in and out of the room to pack up.

By Saturday night we finally got packed up and out of the auditorium by 10:30-11:00 pm. I had to get Rory back to the hotel to sleep, but we still hadn't eaten yet so they dropped me off at the hotel and offered to bring something back for me. While Rory was sleeping and I was waiting for them, I started worrying about our travel plans for the next day. We were originally supposed to drive to Seattle with Kristy in the morning (5 hour drive) and then fly back to Phoenix and get in around 11 pm. I was so worried about Rory doing all that considering she hadn't taken a decent nap in about 4 days. So last minute, I decided to just book a flight out of Spokane, and Kacey aka the greatest employer on the planet, totally covered the cost so willingly. She is the greatest. So Kristy came back with food for me around midnight, and I had to be up at 4 to drive with the other judges to the airport. It was crazy. Also, Kristy brought in the food and she was like I'm not really sure what's in here people just handed me leftovers. There was a large Styrofoam cup and I asked, "What this?" Kristy said, "I dunno, someone must have got a milkshake." So we are talking about the competition while I'm eating and I go to take a drink of the milkshake only to find out it was a giant cup of ranch dressing. Luckily y nose figured it out before my mouth had to, but that could have been a very unpleasant surprise. 
So I woke up at 4 and got to the airport and made it home by 10:30 am. It was incredible. Rory slept pretty much the entire time (which she rarely does anymore) she was that exhausted. I was so so so grateful for Kacey sitting on that plane. And then we had a whole day with Stephen!

sleepy flying baby
So one of my adulthood goals was to be the person that made delicious and beautiful holiday treats, and something that I really want to master is caramel and chocolate covered pretzels. For Mother's Day, Stephen and I decided to make a little treat for our home and visiting teaching families, and oh my heavens, I completely underestimated the amount of work these would take. They were delicious though, and I feel almost the same amount of pride looking at these pictures of pretzels as I do when I look at pictures of Rory.

The finished product. So much pride. 

So much pride. 
Stephen went out of town for a work training for a week, so Rory and I had a girls week. I do my online teaching job while Rory is still asleep in the mornings and Stephen is around to get her if she wakes up, even though she usually sleeps until I finish teaching at 6:30. So she waited until Stephen was out of town to wake up at 5:00 am! I let her sit in her crib for as long as she could stand it, but then ended up having to go grab her during my last lesson. So, this is my cute team teacher Rory. 

She's getting so good at actually playing with her toys. Her favorite is her bouncer, even though she mostly just stands there- she hasn't entirely figured out the bouncing yet, and this mirror on her play mat. Girl loves her mirrors. 

Another thing she loves? My water bottle. As soon as she figured out how to drink out of it it was like she just could not get enough. This water bottle was her motivation for her to start scooting forwards and not just backwards. Well, the water bottle and my phone. She loves them both equally. 

John's annual golfing trip with his friends brought him to our neck of the woods so we got to spend a little time with him. Rory loves Poppap. She smiles SO BIG every time she sees him walk into the room. 

Funny story: I get a voicemail one day from a company I didn't recognize saying they were calling to schedule a delivery. I figured it was a scam and ignored the voicemail. The next day I get a call from the same company trying to schedule a delivery and I told them, "I didn't order anything from you." The lady said, "You didn't order a TV?"  and I said, "No I did not order a TV!" I was so confused because I'd never heard of a scam like this before. I was hoping I hadn't said anything that could be recorded and used to get away with fraud. Well, the next morning I get a call from my dad. He said, "So this company is telling me you refused to accept the TV I sent you?" My dad had sent us some money he owed me with a note that said, "The interest is coming in a couple days. Get excited/" To him, that reads, "I got you a new, huge, TV." Just your basic miscommunication. Luckily they did not charge him again for the second delivery and the new TV is a big hit in our house. 

For Memorial Day weekend we headed to Moses Lake. Stephen got to play in my dad's annual golf tournament and I got to eat fair food at Spring Fest so it was a successful trip for everybody. Everybody but the Nielsens were in town for the weekend so it was a fun little mini reunion. 

Rory was a fan of getting her own seat on the plane. And of baby Madden.

Rory at Moses Lake Spring Fest- totally digging it

Swimming at great grandma Earl's. Rory loved the pool. 

glasses cred- Angie B!

Baby equivalent of shaking hands

Stephen, Quinn, and Rory
Stephen left to go back to work on Monday and I stayed an extra three more days. While I was in town I was able to help throw a bridal shower for my friend  Caitlynn who is getting married at the end of July. It was such a fun reunion with some of my dance friends, and an awesome night of celebrating Caitlynn who really is just one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. We decided to do a paper flower backdrop and YOU GUYS these flowers took me half my life time to make. The end result was so pretty, but you would have never guessed the amount of effort that went into creating this little table. It was seriously insane. 

Chocolate and Vanilla truffle cupcakes, white chocolate dipped Biscoff cookies, macarons (not made by me-hallelujah), and various chocolate dipped strawberries. 

close up of the cookies because they were brushed with luster dust so they were gold and sparkly and so so cute.
 Like I mentioned, the shower food and decorations took so so much work that we were in the kitchen for an entire day, basically leaving our babies to fend for themselves. Well it turns out that Rory got a taste of Quinn and she liked it. As soon as I would put her down she would use her newly honed scooting skills and beeline for where ever Quinn had been set down and then proceed to try to eat her face. At one point in time we had all gotten really distracted in the kitchen and suddenly heard Quinn crying. I looked around the flower backdrop to see Quinn crying, her face covered in saliva, and Rory on top of her smiling guiltily at me. Proud mom moment. Sorry you are so darn delicious little Quinny.

Overall, May was a great month so we will end with a baby fist pump. Oh yeah!

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