Sunday, April 30, 2017

Best. Month. Ever! Pt 3

We got back from Disneyland and this little cutie had about two days to get back to life as usual. 

Back to regularly scheduled bath times

Back to sleeping on time and in our own crib
 And then on Tuesday my parents came to town to visit! They were staying in a hotel in Phoenix for some Marriott reward thing and they didn't have a car so it was kind of an odd trip. There was a lot of driving to and from places and splitting time with Brad and Jules, but it was still great.
We picked up my parents on their first day in town and were able to drive over to Glendale to finally meet our new nephew Madden! Rory was a fan, and suddenly looked much, much older to me.
Madden looks just like baby Owen in my opinion. Seeing him in his squishy newborn goodness reminded me of visiting Brad and Jules during Thanksgiving break right after he was born. He would fall asleep on my chest while we watched shows and I was so obsessed with him.

Rory, Grandpa, and Madden

Rory getting really into those solid foods!

Like any good visit with Grammy and Grandpa, there was lots of shopping and lots of good food. Rory did not get this baby sun hat, but I will forever be obsessed with this picture. She also (as predicted by her father) tried ice cream for the first time thanks to Grandpa Dave. She was a fan. 

Brad and Jules blessed Madden on Easter Sunday and it was so nice to get to spend that day with them. And thanks to Jules, it meant that we got some nice pictures of our family on Easter Sunday! Win win.

So feast your eyes and your heart on this little beauty killing it in her Easter outfit.

The bows! The BOWS!  I just can't even stand it.
And then, just like that, the party was over. Mom and Dad went home and the best month ever wound down to an end. Here's how we kept busy for the rest of April.

We went on walks to Freestone Park

We live right next to it, and it is the most gorgeous park I've ever seen.

You will see a lot of this hot pink sun hat this summer as Rory is taking her sweet sweet time to grow her hair. Plus it's adorable. 

We teethed HARD and got Rory low key addicted to Tylenol

and hooked on her chew toy banana

We wore lots of cute outfits

And I started a new part time job! I teach students in China to speak English over skype. I work from 4:30-6:30 am so the wake up adjustment has been a little crazy, but so far it is going really well! This is the professional selfie I had to take for my bio. It took a lot of work so I feel justified in posting it. 

Rory found a new go-to sleeping position and it is hilarious. We are constantly watching her on the video monitor and if her bum is in the air then we know she is getting some great sleep!

We tried prunes for the first time. She wasn't a huge fan of the taste, but it got the job done if you know what I mean ;) (Poop, Rory. I'm talking about your poop.)


Rory's last bath in her baby tub! Lots of milestones. 

Her first two teeth coming in!

Rory showing off how she it getting better at sitting up. She also loves my water bottle. And she smiles like this now and it is hilarious. 
 After a Saturday spent working in the yard and at the house, Stephen took us out to Zupas for a date. It was so much fun. Rory liked playing around on the seat and eating Dad's hand. Mom liked sitting in the seat and eating Dad's food.

All dressed up for church. You can see her wispy hairs up top and I love them. 
And that was our April!

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