Sunday, April 9, 2017

Best. Month. Ever! Pt 2- Florence in Disneyland

On Tuesday, we said goodbye to Grandma and Poppap (always the worst part) and Rory and I took off for California. My mom was taking her dancers there for Spring Break and she invited us to crash the party. Rory did really well on the drive and her feedings/ diaper changes only added one extra hour to the drive.
Disney offers discounted rooms to the dancers so we stayed at the Grand Californian and it was nothing short of amazing. Beautiful decor, great rooms, nice workers, and a direct entrance to California Adventure. Seriously, they left chocolate on your pillow EVERY NIGHT and one of their little complimentary toiletries was mint foot cream. Amazing. 

When we showed up at the hotel they had complimentary cookies and milk waiting for us.

This is the face a baby makes when they fall asleep in a car and wake up in the Grand Californian Hotel. I took a picture because it's not likely something she will experience again ;)
 We started the first day in California Adventure at Car's Land. So cute. We had breakfast at Flo's Cafe and it was so delicious we ate there again later in the week.

The first "ride" we took Rory on was It's Tough to be a Bug, which made me laugh because we call Rory 'bug' and boy is it tough to be her. She did not enjoy the show and cried when the scary grasshopper showed up, but who can blame her? That guy is terrifying.

Rory fell asleep just in time for us to get on the Little Mermaid ride, but luckily she wasn't terrified of that one. Rory had a knack for falling asleep as soon as we would get somewhere. Poor baby did not get a decent nap all week, but she was a total trooper!

We went to see the Frozen show but arrived just as they were letting the audience in and had to wait in the standby line. The employees kept saying, "We can't promise any of you will get in to the show." and "Even if you do get in it will be scattered seating, we can't promise spots together." Well they let us in to the lower level and straight to fancy reserved seating spots that must not have been paid for for that show. It was amazing. Such a cute show, seriously well done. Plus, it's just fun to feel like you got something special.

Every night Rory and I turned in around 7 or 8 and she slept great! It's kind of nice to have a baby as an excuse to get off your feet at the end of the day.

Seriously the best baby.
 Thursday we spent most of our time at Disneyland. My mom and I started the day by taking Rory on Astro Blasters.

My mom beat me, by a lot. I would blame it on the interference from the baby in my lap trying to take my gun, but in reality I'm just a horrible shot. 

After that we took Rory on Snow White, which is a terrifying ride. This rosy section is at the very beginning of the ride and it is the only happy part of the whole thing.

Then we took Rory on Storybook Land tour (seriously, aren't mom and Lori such troopers? Luckily for me they go to Disneyland every other week this time of year ;) ) Rory slept through the whole thing, so I'm thinking that means she loved it. I thought it was pretty dang cute. 

Disneyland Photo Opp!

After a quick nap in the room we got back to it! We went to lunch at a fancy Italian place in California Adventure and then went to see Frozen... again. No shame! 

We didn't get the fancy seats like the first time, but thanks to Lori we still got pretty decent ones (even though we showed up late again!) The first time we saw the show Rory mostly ate and slept through the whole thing. The second time, she was wide awake and super into it. So cute. It was different cast for the second show, and I thought they were even better than the first ones we saw!

After the show, Rory looked like she had about an hour left in her, so my mom and I decided to go on Mickey's Fun Wheel, and it was the first Ferris Wheel I have ever been on. 

The park was all lit up and looked so pretty!

Rory was awake for the entire 45 min wait to ride the ride, and then fell asleep right as we got on the cart. 

Mickey's Fun Wheel. We almost got in line for the spinning carts, and after seeing how much they actually move I am so relieved that I didn't take Rory on those!

What did I tell you? This baby is such a trooper!!

The next day my mom and I got an early start in California Adventure. She rode California Screamin' while Rory and I went on King Triton's Carousel. It's a little hard to tell from the picture, but she was mesmerized watching the animals go up and down. 

We got fast passes for the Car's ride (seriously, the line for this ride was INSANE) and Lori watched Rory (say that ten times fast) so that my mom and I could ride it. 

We decided Rory wasn't quite old enough to appreciate how awesome Lori is. She will someday.

Rory bug and Grammy! 
Later that day Taylor came and visited us! For documentation's sake- Taylor was my roommate my last two years in Provo. She and I started teaching second grade the same year and she is the only reason that I survived. She is THE BEST. She recently moved back to California from Utah and she spent one of her few days off with us at Disneyland. She is just the greatest. 
This cute dress Rory is wearing was bought by Taylor. So fun that it was her size when they finally got to meet. 

True friendship is sitting in a dark hotel room and only speaking in whispers in hopes that the baby will nap. And Taylor did exactly that, For like two hours. She is seriously just the greatest.

I feel like the title of this picture should be the reality of Disneyland. 

Waiting in line at Dumbo

Her little head poking out, I just can't handle it. 

Rory loved Dumbo obviously. 

Waiting in line for Winnie the Pooh

We love Winnie the pooh!

blurry photo of our crew

Rory was mesmerized by all the bright colors. 

One of my favorite Disneyland things to do is to buy a peanut butter graham cracker at Pooh's Corner and then ride the Winnie the Pooh ride while eating it, but they were OUT. We still enjoyed the ride, and then we got our treat later on Main Street while we watched the light show on the castle.

We watched the show, had a lovely dinner (or possibly the other way around...) and then Taylor had to get back, but she hung out with us literally all day and it was incredible. It was SO MUCH FUN to just sit around and chat with her. I love that girl. 

Lori got Rory this adorable Minnie Mouse onesie that she wore on our last day at the park. I never managed to get an awesome picture of her in it, so thanks a lot Sun. But seriously, all day long people were like, "Look at the little Minnie!" so we felt like a million bucks.

Kendall just so happened to decide to come to Disneyland with some friends from school that same weekend, so crazy. While my mom was busy with dance rehearsals Rory and I went and found Kendall's crew and crashed their party for a little while. 

There's this place in California Adventure that I never would have gone to, but it's where they do the illustration classes and stuff like that. Well they have the Beast's library there and it is ah-dorable.

Happy handsome prince, full bright lighting all is well.

Then the thunder sound comes on and the library gets dark and it's all spooky. Maybe I'm easily entertained.

More napping on the go.

While my mom got her dancers ready for their big show Rory and I went to see Mickey's Magical Map. 

It was a cute little show that had those big screen backgrounds and characters and dancers would come out in between the story to sing and dance. Super cute.

There's Pocahontas in the middle, Rapunzel and Flynn, and Mulan. The princesses all sang their own songs and then did a little medley together, it was very very cute. 

Rory was SO into it! Seriously for the full hour she just stared at the stage and jabbered at the performers. 
Once the show was over we stopped at the Jolly Holiday Bakery for a little snack and relaxation.

These Mickey Macaronss are de-licious.

There's a good picture of her Minnie outfit!
 Finally, the dancers were ready to perform so Rory and I headed over to meet the dance parents at the spot they had saved on Main Street. The dancers looked so cute and had so much fun, not that Rory would know...

Before we left the park we stopped at Jolly Holiday Bakery one more time, just for good measure, and got a delicious dinner and some snacks for the car ride home. Grammy and I were eating like kings while Rory was eating her socks.

Rory and I headed back to the hotel and packed up our things. I decided to leave Saturday night instead of Sunday morning in hopes that Rory would just sleep the whole way, which she did, but that meant that I started a 6 hour drive at 7:30 pm. With the help of Amy Poehler's audiobook and sunflower seeds we made it with no trouble and surprised/terrified Stephen when we showed up at 1:00 in the morning unannounced. It was an amazing trip and even though Rory won't remember it, I'm glad that I will remember spending an amazing couple of days with some of my most favorite people.

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