Monday, April 3, 2017

Best. Month. Ever! Pt 1

I was counting down to April the way kids count down until Christmas. We had so many visits with family planned that I just could not wait. The first of the visits was when Stephen's parents came the first weekend of April. Every time John and Lucina come and stay at our house, our yard magically gets more beautiful. It's the craziest thing. 
We bought a lawn mower Saturday morning and gave our yard its first official trimming. It was a big moment.

We also got a hibiscus tree and a lemon tree in our front yard!
There visit happened to be during Conference weekend, so there was a lot of staying in our pajamas all day. Rory was a fan! Plus she loves hanging out with Poppap and Grandma.

Stephen rolls his eyes at me when I over-document our lives and so I turned him in to a Conference Meme. True love. 

To be fair, Rory didn't do much to help him focus on the talks. I love these pictures because this is Rory's most favorite thing to do right now- grab your face and jab you in the eye with her thumb.

Over the weekend Rory got to go on a lot of walks with Grandma and Poppap!

One of the other best discoveries of the weekend was "applesauce face". This sweet baby has started on solids and we love watching her try new things. Seriously, being a first time parent is just so much fun. Everything she does is cute and amazing.

So I fed her unsweetened applesauce -delicious, right?- the girl totally dug sweet potatoes so I thought applesauce was going to rock her world. Well, she ate the whole bowl and made this face after every. single. bite.


Just being cute taking a nap. I love that baldie little head.
Another new favorite thing around our house is the mirror. It was my favorite toy as a child, and now it appears that Rory may be following in my footsteps. So far she squeals with delight and then tries to whack/ lick herself. 

Back to the visit- here's Poppap showing Rory a video that she loved!
 While they were here Rory hit her 6 month milestone and so I wanted to get our monthly picture. This was the first month that she didn't just lay there and let me take the picture. She's not crawling yet, but oh man does she want to.

It was an awesome visit with Grandma and Poppap!

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