Wednesday, December 13, 2017

December 2017

We kicked off December with our ward Christmas party. We had a delicious french toast breakfast, heard a story about the true meaning of Christmas, and then forced our child to sit on a stranger's lap. It was an all around lovely morning! I must be a terrible mother, because this picture of Rory makes me laugh every time. She's not even reaching for us, just pleading for Stephen to save her with her eyes. 
Stephen has been working out his best grilling methods and I rarely buy him anything but hot dogs to grill because I am so cheap, but he finally had some real meat to cook and he killed it. 
I turned 26 on the 6th and had one of my best birthdays ever. Rory and I had cookies for breakfast, and then proceeded to shop and collect free food all day long. My sweet in-laws sent me a gorgeous bouquet and chocolates and Stephen came home with more chocolate after a long day of work. It was awesome. 
We got to have a fun night out with a group of friends to go see the temple lights. After checking them out, we put the kids to bed and decorated gingerbread houses at our house. I was particularly proud of my gingerbread rendition of our house. 

 Stephen also had his holiday work party at the new aquarium. There was tons of delicious food, a photo booth, a little bit of dancing, and a live, tiny penguin just walking around like he owned the place. I sat around and laughed at his coworkers who abused the open bar, while I did the equivalent with the never-ending dinner entree options. And then they brought out a whole cart of donuts and flavored milk and it was game over. It is a wonder that Stephen ever brings me anywhere at all.

Stephen took an extra long break from work, so we would have from December 14- January 2 to just hang out and celebrate the holidays. I was so excited, but since we were traveling the whole time it meant that I had to have everything ready for Christmas by the 13th. You should have seen our neighbors faces when we delivered Christmas treats on December 4th (so yay, they think we are friendly but they probably also think we are a little insane...) These are the gifts I made for the Marsh grandkids this year. For all the babies (Rory, Siena, Samara, and Tanner) I made these matching headbands/ bowties. I was SO proud of how they turned out. I found the idea for these unicorn sleeping masks on pinterest and went back and forth about whether Sydney, Madi, and Kenz would love them or think they were lame... so I paired them with tons of Skittles and these cupcake bath bombs I found at Wal Mart for $1. They were a total success and turned out SO cute. Probably my best gift was the fluffy Santa slime I made for Jackson and Cooper, but I had to make that the night before Christmas and totally forgot to take a picture. The boys LOVED it and it was actually really cool to make.
Besides that we just spent a lot of time hanging out with Rory to get ready to leave her with the Nielsens for two whole days!

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