Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

For Thanksgiving this year Stephen got to take the whole week off. It was an Earl Thanksgiving, but my parents would be getting back from two weeks in Italy a few days before the holiday so they told us they wouldn't be traveling anywhere. At some point, Kacey offered her house for the meal and since it was much closer for most of us we all ran with the idea. My parents couldn't get over the idea of ALL of their children hanging out together without them and so at the last minute they bought a flight to Las Vegas that would get them there Thursday morning. 

With the whole week off, Stephen, Rory, and I headed up first to St George to spend time with his parents and Nate's family. There was a lot of golfing for Stephen and Rory and I got to hang out and relax. We took Rory to the new puppy store and I'm not sure who loved it more- Rory or Poppap. For some reason I took zero pictures, but needless to say, we had a great couple of days. 

On Wednesday morning we drove back to Las Vegas to join my family. Kacey had found an Air BNB just a few streets down from her house and between the two houses there were plenty of places for people to sleep. Stephen and I got the bunk bed room, and I think Stephen would have actually been genuinely excited about the arrangement if the beds had just been a tad bigger. 

In preparation for everyone being together, I had spent hours making matching headbands for the girl cousins because, once again, I have zero chill. They were adorable and it was time well spent. I was in charge of dinner on Wednesday night with Courtney and we made Lasagna and homemade french bread. And yes, I felt like a big freaking deal when that bread actually turned out. We spent Wednesday night baking, totaling 19 pies, just enough for one per person. 

Thursday was all a hazy blur of a crowded kitchen, needing pans and utensils faster than we can wash them, and trying to organize baby nap schedules. Kacey killed it with TWO turkeys, two different kinds of sweet potatoes (both incredible), delicious Charla rolls, and... I'm sure there were vegetables there too but I can't say that I paid them much attention. I was put in charge of the mashed potatoes and in all honesty I did just ok. But they were passable and, when paired with Kacey's gravy, even delicious. It was an awesome meal and Rory enjoyed everything she ate. Oh stuffing! How could I forget? The stuffing was spot on. And pomegranate salad of course. What Thanksgiving is complete without pomegranate salad?

That night we got the Anderson girls from Kacey's ward - who had also eaten with us earlier in the day- to come over and watch all the babies while we all went out for some good ole puzzle-rooming. Yes, my family has an addiction. Can't stop, won't stop. Stephen and I were at the other house putting Rory down when team captains were chosen (the singles- Kendall, Bryan, and Scarlet) and the teams were picked from there. Stephen and I ended up on the dream team with Kristy and Kendall. And then Trevor insisted on coming along and things got instantly lamer. In all actuality Trevor is a genius and I secretly think they should make a show where they put Trevor in a puzzle room by himself, make him talk through his thinking process, and record the whole thing. Kendall, Kristy, and I were way too casual with our handling of the clues for Stephen and Trevor's liking, but we made it out alive in the end anyways. It was a murder mystery on a train and it was super fun. The other teams each did a different room and a joyous time was had by all. 

I don't remember all of our activities over the next couple of days, but I do know there was a lot of Codename playing. On Friday we went out to the red rocks to film an adoption video for Kristy and Trevor. The outfits were varying degrees of appropriate and the children were varying degrees of cooperative. 

It was fun to watch Rory with the other babies, but I was surprised by how much she wanted to be off doing her own thing. I had pictured her wanting to be in the vicinity of the older kids the entire time so she could watch them play, like she does in public places. But instead, all the kids would be jumping on the trampoline and Rory would be wandering the empty side of the backyard, roaming and discovering on her own. She is definitely part Stephen. But the other half of the time she was hug/tackle/kiss/biting her cousins till they cried, so she is definitely part me as well. 

On Sunday, this champion of a baby made the drive back to Gilbert with a stylish 'do and all! We were all happy to have had such a wonderful break together!

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