Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Is it only Tuesday?

Cristian: Hey Miss Earl, Tasi has an eraser in his ear!
Me: What? You mean on his ear?
Cristian: Nope! It's inside. And it's stuck in there good, huh Tasi?
Me: Tasi is that true? 
Tasi: (nods)
Me: Well, how did the eraser get in your ear? 
Tasi: I have no idea. 
Me: Well, did you put it there? (Tasi nods) Then I'm thinking that's how it got there. Let me see it. I don't see anything. Are you sure it didn't fall out already. 
Cristian: Look closer Miss Earl! It's real deep!

And so I did. And there it was. 

And after 6 hours of "Eyes on me!" and "voices off!" I just lost it.

After a solid 30 seconds of laughing hysterically, I wiped the tears from my eyes and said, 
"Well Tasi, let's just hope your parents think this is as funny as I do."
In the words of Claudio: I saw it! I saw the eraser! And it was so awesome (whispered in awe.)

Please don't let this be the start of a new trend in my class.


  1. Hilarious. I would die if I were that kid's parent. Although I can see that being Asher one day...

    What kind of name is Tasi?

  2. Ralph: "Ms Hoover my worm crawled into my mouth and I ate the worm. Can I have another?
    Ms. Hoover: "No, Ralph, go to sleep."
    Ralph: "Sleep, yay, that's where I'm a viking."