Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Conversation Overheard

Today my class was working on cutting out paper for an art project. I turned on the Pandora relaxation station, which I sometimes play when they're working individually. This is the conversation I overheard.

Leslie: Ugh, why does she always play the romance music?
Liva: She needs to get married already.
Regina: No if she gets married, she will get pregnant...
Liva: Yeah and then she will get fat.
Regina: No! Then she will have a baby!
Leslie: Then we won't be her favorites anymore. Because she will love her baby.
Liva: Yeah, but babies are so cute. And teacher is old. She's supposed to have babies.
Leslie and Regina: Yeah.. she should... you're right...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. you must never stop teaching, for I can't live without your stories....hilarious!!!

  2. Kylie, you are terrific at retelling us the conversations in your classroom. I especially loved the story of the little boy signing you into the computer and you backing into the door post. I can't wait to hear you teach someday.

  3. The romance music... so so so so so so so funny.

  4. This is mom (even though it says David). Hilarious! Such wisdom from children so young!! Kylie - you are the best. I agree with Angie - never stop teaching. The stories are too good!!

  5. hahahahahaha I am crying. This is the best ever

  6. Hahaha. Geez, Kylie, why aren't you married yet? :)