Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Florence Marsh

Florence Marsh joined our family on October 4, 2016. 

After having no Braxton Hicks, or really any type of contraction, my entire pregnancy I woke up on October 4 the day before my due date at 3 am because my water had broke. I knew that I was supposed to go to the hospital if my water broke, but it was just a bunch of small gushes so I wasn't sure that really counted. I took a shower and told Stephen he should probably get ready to go. We finally left the house at 4:30ish because the contractions had started and they were already pretty close together. Stephen my wonderful super-genius of a husband stopped at McDonald's to buy some breakfast sandwiches on the way and we were off! Our new house was only about 10 minutes from the hospital I was delivering at Banner Gateway. 

We had to wait in triage for a little while because all the labor and delivery rooms were full. By the time we got to our room the contractions were getting really strong. I was standing beside my bed, hooked up to all the monitors and my IV, bouncing, deep breathing, crying and screaming things like, "I'm gonna throw up!" I had set a goal in my mind to make it to 7:00 without an epidural (who knows why?) so I kept watching the clock. Finally at 6:50 I broke down and asked for the drugs, which was lucky because they fit me in right before the C section they had scheduled at 7:30. Phew.

Once I had those drugs in me the world got a whole lot better really fast. They turned down the lights and Stephen and I rested. The epidural made me shake uncontrollably and that was a little bit creepy but other than that it was pure bliss. I just remember thinking, I can't wait to have another baby. (Let's all just imagine the cracked out druggie I would definitely be if I wasn't LDS.)

After two hours I was fully dilated and they called in my doctor, Doctor Thomas Bickley. Side note: as Stephen and I were waiting for me to be fully dilated he said, "So do you know how to push?" I thought about it for a second, laughed and said, "Nope!" Stephen said, "That seems like a pretty big oversight, shouldn't you have asked one of your sisters?" This is an excellent example of a condition all Earls suffer from called 'Over-Confidence'.

I was not a natural and I should have asked someone about pushing before hand, but luckily Stephen ended up being an awesome support and coached me through the whole thing. I pushed for about an hour and at 11;48 I saw my baby girl and she was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. You hear it, you see it in moves, you read about it, but nothing can really prepare you for how amazing that moment is. Stephen and I were just so in awe and so happy.

Florence Marsh
October 4
11:48 am
7 pounds 4 ounces
20 inches long

My mom was supposed to be coming later on that week, but as soon as she heard we were in the hospital she changed her flight and was there by 10:00 that night! My mom is the coolest like that. Rory was a really content little baby from the very beginning. Once she got the hang of it, she ate like a champ. The first night with her was a little terrifying, I ended up sleeping with my Boppy around my waist with her in my arms for most of the night. We stayed two nights at the hospital and Stephen dutifully slept on the couch and freaked out over every noise she made with me.

We brought Rory home on Thursday, October 6 and that's when the adventure really began! For so long you just feel like the doctors and nurses are going to show up at your door at any time saying, "Who said you could bring that baby here?? You haven't been trained! You don't know what you're doing!" but they never do (or is that just me?)

I was most nervous for that first night at home with Rory. We went to bed and my mom just said, "Good luck! Come and get me when you need me." I was so nervous I didn't think I would ever fall asleep. And then all the sudden I woke up at 4 in the morning because Rory had slept for six hours and then decided she was ready to eat again. Six hours!! So I fed her, put her back to bed, and she slept for another four. Dream baby, am I right? And she's been sleeping like a champ ever since.

So far, Rory has exceeded all my baby expectations. I tell her all day long she is the coolest baby in the whole world. She must get it from Stephen... I am so humbled and blessed by the fact that I get to be this awesome little girl's mom!


  1. I love baby stories so much. When they released Scarlet and I from the hospital, I remember thinking, "You are just going to let me take this baby home? You don't know me, what if I'm crazy?! How can you just let her go without making sure I am going to be a great mother to this perfect little girl?" Oh the mom hormones...

  2. I totally kept asking if I was pushing "right". It's hard to know when you can't feel anything!! And I totally agree about leaving the hospital, it feels so weird to be on your own like you're cheating or something. Rory is the cutest and I just want to meet her!!