Sunday, January 6, 2013

"I bet their house is made of Gummy Bears. I'm just saying, it'd be nice." - Agnes

So on Saturday, my fun-filled days of being a homeless little orphan came to an end because guess what Saturday was?!


We woke up and packed up our quaint little tent/home, put on makeup for the first time in ages, and tried our best to brush out our improperly washed hair. There was a buzz of excitement as we nervously discussed what our new futures would hold; nice families? big houses? a real bed and shower perhaps?! The possibilities were endless!

No more tent!

Will you be my mommy?

James drove us down to Erika's flat in Auckland where we waited nervously like puppies in a kennel for our new owners to arrive. It was nerve-wracking to say the least. But good news...

I have a home!!!

And it is beautiful. I share a room with my dear friend Brooke and we have a beautiful huge bathroom right next door. With a shower. My hair was quite pleased. As was my B.O.

Our host family is the Butters. They have 13 children! My brain is having a hard time comprehending having double the amount of kids in my own family... that would be pure insanity! Only 5 children are still living at home. Well, technically 6 as their daughter Crystal and her little family live in a little connected apartment to the house. We haven't met all of the family yet, namely our new parents, because they are all in charge of/attending EFY this week.

But the best part? 

We have a new pet. 

We call her Taya. 

She does lots of tricks!
For instance, she shows up in our room and quickly grabs any and every object we have left within reach:

She also likes to show me how to work my computer (it turns out all you do is press the keys really fast and hard and a game should pop up. Who knew?):

you can't see her trying to push my hand away here
But her best trick? She does makeovers! Thank goodness, because apparently I was in desperate need of one:

Me: Taya, how am I looking? Taya: Not beautiful.

That's the face of relaxation and comfort right there

That last picture is super awesome because Brooke was able to capture Taya explaining to me that I just need to keep my eyes opened as she jabbed bobby pins into them, and then it wouldn't hurt. She's even demonstrating it for me and by the looks of it she almost had me convinced...

Drum roll please....

The Final Product!
Oh yep, that's heaps better. Daaaang.
She does tricks, she's adorable, and she's even house trained; So yeah, I think we'll keep her.


  1. Too funny! So glad you have a home. Do they know yet that they got the best exchange student ever? If not, they will shortly. Miss you!

  2. Just caught up and it was the best part of my evening thus far. Please please please please please keep it up! p.s. i want to call a cooler a "chilly bin" for the rest of my life. p.s.s. ginger beer must be better with the new zealand air cause it is so not good here...

  3. So jealous, you get to be homeless AND say funny words. You should bring back Tim Tams I've heard of the Tim Tam Slam but have never tried it.