Monday, January 14, 2013

"Pretty dang exciting, huh?"- Nacho

Disclaimer: The following blogpost includes no radical New Zealand adventure stories as these first couple weeks will be spent attending classes and pretending to learn things. So if you’re looking for something exciting and don’t actually care about my life, don’t bother reading the rest. Yeah, that’s right. Move along. I don’t need you.  Also, quit pretending you’re too cool to care about my life because my life rocks.
That is all.

So here I am, living in New Zealand, just doing my thing. Crazy, right? About a bajillion times a day while I’m doing some menial task like say, brushing my teeth, I think to myself, hey, I’m brushing my teeth… in New Zealand! and it makes everything instantly more epic.
My life rocks.

I’ve come to the conclusion that New Zealand is the perfect place for me. Why’s that, you say? Well I will tell you why’s that, alright? jeesh, calm it down…

The Top 5 Reasons Why I love New Zealand (this week):

#1. They have pink cars here.

love at first sight

You don’t have to be a Barbie, Sharpay Evans, or drive a spray painted junker. Cars here are pink! Completely respectable, average, everyday cars; pink. I love it. and also I want one.
#2. Tim Tam Slam.

While it didn’t originate in New Zealand, this was indeed the birthplace of my new love affair. Tim Tams are plentiful here, as is Milo, which is the best for an authentic experience. Here’s what you do:
            1). heat up some milo.
            2). bite both ends of a Tim Tam. doesn’t matter the flavor.
            3). stick one end of the Tim Tam in the milo. suck the milo through the Tim Tam like a straw. 
4). When you feel the cookie getting moist, you have to shove it in your mouth before it disintegrates into a pile of nothingness in your milo.
***it is not abnormal for this to cause copious amounts of stress. be fast and efficient- get the cookie to your mouth at all costs. don’t screw it up. you will regret it for the rest of your life and it may affect your children.***

I've included a video of my first Tim Tam Slam. It's not super interesting because I made the fatal mistake of not biting the end off enough (I apologize to my future offspring for their future emotional issues  this event caused). But anyways, this is mostly for Andrea to show her what a know-it-all she is. "It's better when you do it right."

#3. I’m already done with my Literacy course.

first day of school

You know how in Provo you go to a class every week for a whole semester? Well, in New Zealand you go for about a week and call it good. By Friday I will also be done with my Maths course. Bliss.

#4. The boys here pay me way more attention. And they dance better, too.

Clarification, by “boys” I really mean my studly host brothers Bowen (13) and Hyrum (9). They're the best. If I had a little brother I would want him to be just like them. Oh right, I have Bryan. Awkward… jk he doesn’t read my blog anyway, so I have free reign to make fun of him as much as I want. But serisouly, these boys are crazy presh. I’ll let my pictures do the talkin’ so y’all can see what I mean.

 We got a tap on our window and opened it to find Hyrum with a note that says, "hello!"

 Sometimes Bowen sends us warnings in the form of paper airplanes. Always looking out. 
"Hyrums planning on scaring yous again. (mostly Kylie)"

 They show up at our door in fancy outfits made of pizza hut boxes....

...And go out of their way to make us laugh. No real explanation for this picture. 

Another note: "How's your homework going?" It's the little things, am I right, ladies? 

And in case you're feeling a little jipped for the lack of Bowen in these pictures, don't you fret because I saved the best for last.

#5. The cats are plentiful.

I named her Big Red

I have seen six so far!

That's all for now. Love yous!


  1. If my kids turned out as awesome as theirs did I would have 13 too. I distantly love all of them.

    And I think Andrea and I would really get along. How does she feel about stalactites?

  2. Oh Kylie... Brilliance! Thank's for sharing! :)

  3. hahah those boys are adorable!