Monday, January 21, 2013

Kids, Try This At Home

After having some serious family fun with the Butters here in New Zealand I felt like this game was too good not to share. Here's what you do:

1. give every player a piece of paper. They then have to write a descriptive sentence on the paper. Ex: The quick, brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
2. They then pass their paper with said sentence to their right.
3. Now that everyone has a new paper with a sentence they did not write themselves, they have to draw a picture that depicts what is happening in the sentence. They then fold the sentence down so that only their drawing is visible and pass to the player on their right.
4. Now everyone must use the picture they were given to write a sentence that they think is being depicted. Make sense? Once you have the sentence, fold the paper over so that the next person will only see your sentence and no picture. Pass it to the right.
5. The next person has to, you guessed it!, draw a picture of what your sentence is depicting. You continue around the circle until everyone gets their own papers back, or you run out of room.

Seriously, try it. It is super fun. Not convinced???

Proof this game is HI-larious.
The sentence we began with was: 
"One day, my mom made me scrub out the toilet with my toothbrush while I sang a song."

The resulting picture:

New sentence derived from picture:
 "Harry Potter with a mullet wearing a dress told the girl to sing as she cleaned the toilet."

The resulting picture:

New sentence derived from picture:
"I'll hammer you if you do as I, oh wait sing, I'll hammer you if you don't sing. And Daniel Radcliffe."

The resulting picture:

New sentence derived from picture:
 "The stick figure tried to kill an acne-prone singer and Harry Potter with a hammer."

Awesome right?


  1. Wish my kids were better writers....

  2. You can also use it as an activity to talk about the Apostasy and how plan and precious truths were lost over time. I'm so righteous.